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a flat resulting from repeated deposits of alluvial material by running water

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15%) groundwater potential zones contain geologic units of quartz gravel, purple conglomerate, sandstone, sand and sandy clay; geomorphological units of alluvial plain, deltaic plain, paleochannels and valley fills; high lineament density; soil units of inceptisols and entisols; low drainage density; and high mean annual rainfall.
Given the chronological primacy of sites like Mehrgarh, Kill Gul Mohammed and the early phases at Sheri Khan Tarakai, over sites on the alluvial plains of the Punjab (Petrie et al.
The soils comprise aquic, aridic, ustic, and xeric moisture regimes and mesic, thermic, and hyperthemic temperature regimes (Banaei 1998), and have developed on piedmont plains, alluvial plains, plateaux, and lowlands.
To the south, an ample alluvial plain is the ground for most agricultural activities and the largest settlements.
namely: Alluvial plains, coastal ridge sands, rolling sandy plains, the uplands, and the Obotme isolated hills (collection of hills that rise to 150 metres above sea level).
Cordaitalean (gymnosperm) forests covered the alluvial plains and basin-margin uplands, and were periodically swept by wildfires.
They sought it in the high cold, beautiful mountains of the island and in the sudden small alluvial plains, but it eluded them and vanished from their hands.
The hardwood forests and alluvial plains that once provided food and shelter have fallen to the ax and the plow.
In the 1830s, the Liverpool hills and ranges were heavily timbered and perennial grasses swathed its fertile, alluvial plains.
In alluvial plains, river dynamics is recognized as the major force for landscape patterning and ecosystem distribution.
Thanks to a well-timed break in Southern California's 6-year-old drought, the normally brown alluvial plains that rise from the desert floor were a riot of color.
Thereafter, it flows through broad alluvial plains and swamps in the centre of the basin with the two main tributaries the Bahr el Ghazel and the Sobat joining it.
To the east of these plateaux lie North Chinas two major alluvial plains, the Huabei Pingyuan (North China Plain) and the Dongbei Pingyuan (Northeastern Plain).
Join the Bikes, Blues & Bayous Bike Tour beginning in Greenwood and ride the flat and fast alluvial plains of the Mississippi Delta.