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a fan-shaped deposit where a fast flowing stream flattens out

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The chemical components of the groundwater in the middle and upper parts of the alluvial fan are not significantly different from those of the river water.
'Fortunately, communities living on those alluvial fans had been warned and evacuated.
In contrast, high deep percolation scores were found on coarse-textured soils derived from recent (e.g., < 80,000 years) alluvial fans with drainages sourced in granitic terrain of the Sierra Nevada and the Salinian block within the Coast Range.
Tectonic geomorphology of alluvial fans and mountain fronts near Ventura, California.
lepidus on Indio Mountains Research Station, most of the landscape is represented by rocky slopes, alluvial fans, and adjacent arroyos, so our two observations support the hypothesis that C.
A series of reservoirs impound water to replenish the fairly abundant aquifers along the Salinas Rive; allowing an amazingly verdant patchwork of farmland for miles on the valley floors and alluvial fans, framed by brown hills to the east, where native rainfall only allows scarce growth.
Much of the margin of the Murree Formation at the eastern parts of the mapped area is covered by alluvial fans related with the Bara River and its tributaries.
Curiosity landed at the toe of an alluvial fan, and as Grotzinger explains, alluvial fans are deposits made by liquid water.
Alluvial fans are cone-shaped deposits of gravel and sand that accumulate where streams exit mountains.
Surface drainage on the piedmonts and alluvial fans subdivisions are generally canalized in wadis with variable flow patterns exhibiting complexly braided channel morphologies (Menges and Woodward, 1993).
--The resulted gully erosion organisms and the processes of creeping form numerous alluvial fans in our surveyed areas;