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clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down

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Underneath the man-made fill on the property, there are layers of alluvial deposits left by the river flow, such as gravel and soil, the PBS report said.
Design, manufacture and supply of small vessel for control of the implementation of the provisions of the issued under the water act permits for use of water subject to seizure of alluvial deposits in the bulgarian section of the danube river from the mouth of timok ( 845 650 km) to the town of silistra (km 374.
There are important mesothermal vein deposits being worked on the SW corner of the Batholith and very rich alluvial deposits in the same area have sustained industrial mining for close to a hundred years (Segovia, Remedios, Zaragoza and El Bagre).
Their work suggested zircon content in sampled alluvial deposits ranging from 5
The Company's operating model is an attractive alternative for smaller mines with alluvial deposits, and as a result, Casablanca has many options to deploy its asset in various mining regions around Chile.
Contract notice: Supply through the purchase of a small vessel for supervising the seizure of the alluvial deposits of the danube.
Kwarteng Mines Limited for the purpose of assessing and potentially mining the alluvial deposits at the J.
1940s, when Cameroon was a world producer of rutile from alluvial deposits, was
Presently, the group was undertaking exploration drilling at Leny, Ascot, John Bull, KT and several alluvial deposits, and the modest capital investment to date had been aimed at establishing the viability of alluvial and near-surface gold opportunities.
We will be using state of the art technology and owing to the free gold in the alluvial deposits at Sara Creek, we plan to recover gold without the use of any chemicals.
The alluvial mining program being carried out by the Company as described herein is being carried out on alluvial deposits in the vicinity of its hard-rock resources and exploration targets.
Jordan Estra, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ensurge said, "We know there are gold, platinum, palladium and silver present in the tailings left over from the mining of the alluvial deposits at Olive Creek and Putareng.
the contained gold particles are generally significantly coarser than in other alluvial deposits identified by the Company to date, thus making gold recovery by simple gravity concentration more effective,
The metal occurs as nuggets or grains in rocks, underground "veins" and in alluvial deposits.
Novita application covers a tributary of the San Juan River valley a source of significant platinum in alluvial deposits.