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clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down

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* Q2 diamond production grew 24% q-o-q (up 14% y-o-y) to 9.7 m cts primarily due to seasonal return to production at alluvial deposits.
High fractal dimensionis characteristic of the loose alluvial deposits that facilitate producing of high frequency component topography (Sung et al., 1998; Sung and Chen, 2004; Bi et al., 2012; Ramisch et al., 2012).
However, the highest [SIGMA]REE concentrations and chondrite-normalized REE patterns enriched in LREE found in sediments from S4 site basal levels can be associated to materials coming from soil formation in the Sierra Morena Paleozoic source area (made of metamorphic and plutonic rocks) transported to the alluvial deposits by the Guadalimar River.
Geotechnical characterization of the upper Pleistocene-Holocene alluvial deposits of Roma (Italy) by means of multivariate geostatistics: Cross-validation results.
It varies in lithology from weathered and cracked basement rocks to the Alluvial deposits with a significant heterogeneous nature which varies from clayey silty sandy pebbly and boulders layers.
Historical artisanal mining recovered significant gold from alluvial deposits and quartz vein reefs, of which there are over 80, identified from historical records.
The subsurface cavities are present in limestone bed, which is covered by a 5-7-meter thick layer of alluvial deposits. The large Gwangju fault, geological joints, and abundant of groundwater has led to significant cavities development [2].
Geological formations which are observed in the study area include (Figure 2) schists, limestones, volcano-sedimentary formations, chromiferous iron ore occurrences, ultramafic rock masses, flysch, conglomerates, marly limestones with travertines, marly formations with lignite intercalations, and alluvial deposits [23-25].
The alluvial deposits overlay the Cenomanian-Turonian limestones and dolomites rocks ([Cr.sub.2]cm-t) that constitute the bedrock of the dam's reservoir.
Soils are derived from Quaternary alluvial deposits. The Quaternary alluvial deposits cover the study area, which includes lagoonal deposits, recent delta deposits, red clays, gravel and sandy materials.
The soil of Faisalabad comprises alluvial deposits mixed with loess having calcareous characteristics, making it very fertile.
The Salt Range makes an abrupt escarpment against the Recent Punjab alluvial deposits (Figure 5).