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clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down

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Underneath the man-made fill on the property, there are layers of alluvial deposits left by the river flow, such as gravel and soil, the PBS report said.
The basement is overlain by Alluvial deposits of shallow thickness (less than 1m to greater than 20m).
Key words: Engineering geology, X-Ray diffraction, soil, alluvial deposits, characterization.
The main topics are (1) the geomorphological features of the plain, as detected by micro-landform interpretation, (2) the relationships between these geomorphological features and floods, and (3) the subsurface geology of the plain, especially with regard to alluvial deposits of the Mekong.
In this paper detail statistical analysis of soil and index and consolidation properties of alluvial deposits of South Gujarat region of Gujarat State in India are shown.
To save the wall, engineers will have to sink piles down to the bedrock 18 metres under the alluvial deposits and put in concrete columns built into wall.
According to the above mentioned, the cartography to scale 1:25000 of Quaternary Coluvio Alluvial Deposits inside corridors of Silvia Pijao and Cordoba faults between the municipalities of Calarca and Pijao (Quindio), at Cordillera Central's West Mountain Front of Colombia produced.
The Taipei basin is formed by alluvial deposits of the three rivers flowing into the basin, namely, the Tan-Shui river, the Shin-Tien river, and the Kee-Long river.
Bridge's focus, as primarily that of a sedimentologist, is on relating fluvial processes and morphology to explanation and interpretation of alluvial deposits and sedimentary rocks, so that his main service to geologists is learning more about alluvial forms, processes and deposits over a range of temporal and spatial scales.
These authors cautioned that the identification of parna by its radiometric signature was made difficult by its similarity to the radiometric signature of older alluvial deposits, and the reworking and weathering of panda following its deposition.
The Benzdorp property is one of the largest mineral properties in Suriname, producing over 1 million ounces of gold, including 500,000 ounces from bucket-line dredging and 500,000 ounces via small-scale hydraulic mining, from the rich alluvial deposits.
Alluvial deposits of native gold found in or along streams were the principal sources of the metal for the ancient civilizations of the Middle East.
The second is that the extraction of underground water to satisfy industrial and domestic needs has led to the compaction of the lagoon's alluvial deposits and a progressive subsidence of the lagoon floor.
De Beers, which operates the Williamsons mine in Tanzania, has found a number of kimberlites at the site over the past two years and is currently evaluating them, since the alluvial deposits close to the Madui pipe which produced some 116,000cts in 1997, are nearly exhausted.