alluvial plain

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a flat resulting from repeated deposits of alluvial material by running water

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The bedrock on dam site composes of sequences of marl, mudstone with reddish brown and gray sandstone with silty-marl and greenish silt related from upper red formation (URF), while the abutments covered with old alluvial terrace. The stratification orientation is northwest-southwest.
The travertine deposits systematically show conglomerates on their bottom, attesting the presence of a series of alluvial terraces clogged by hydrothermal deposits (Figure 3(b)).
One of the current projects, on the Akposso Plateau, is a search for diamonds, which have been recovered by small miners from the alluvial terraces. The geotectonic setting, the Atacorian mobile belt, could suggest the presence of a diamond-lamproite association.
Two of these three studies were at sites, La Selva and the Toba valley, that contain infertile upland areas adjacent to young alluvial terraces that together span a wide range of chemical and physical soil characteristics.