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a nickel-base alloy with chromium and iron

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Andrieu, "Influence of oxide films on primary water stress corrosion cracking initiation of alloy 600," Journal of Nuclear Materials, vol.
The exposure time for oxidation tests was selected to 500 h based on the experimental conditions of the previous studies regarding the corrosion behavior of nickel-based alloys such as Alloy 600 [16], Alloy 690 [6], and Alloy 182 [25].
This technology is yet another tool to mitigate Alloy 600 material risk and complements WSI's Alloy 600 mitigation techniques and specialty services that we have been providing to the global commercial nuclear fleet."
The SureGrip line includes the 80PK-22, an alloy 600 immersion temperature probe, with a range of -40 to 1,090[degrees]C; the 80PK-24 Inconel air temperature probe, with a 40 to 816[degrees]C range; the stainless 80PK-25 and 80PT-25 piercing temperature probes, with -40 to 260[degrees] and -196 to 350[degrees]C ranges, respectively; the 80PK-26 stainless tapered temperature probe with a -40 to 816[degrees]C range; and the 80PK-27 stainless industrial surface temperature probe, with a -127 to 600[degrees]C range.
Some utilities have determined that it is more economical to replace pressurizers rather than perform restoration due to issues surrounding the potential for stress corrosion cracking problems in the existing Alloy 600 heater nozzles.
A-LOK is made from top grade materials including 316 stainless steel, steel, brass, aluminum, nickel-copper, Hastelloy C and Alloy 600. Stainless steel ALOK fittings made for critical applications bear Heat Code Traceability numbers.