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the condition of being polyploid

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hesperium is an allotetraploid derived from the diploids P.
Unreduced allodiploid spores develop into gametophytes capable of producing allotetraploid sporophytes through suiting or sib meting.
Lineage-specific adaptive evolution of the centromeric protein CENH3 in diploid and allotetraploid Oryza species.
One population in Hale County (southern Alabama), has doubled its chromosomes and has become a fertile allotetraploid.
In Microseris, allopolyploidization is hypothesized to have occurred prior to dispersal from North America, followed by extirpation of the allotetraploid and one parent in North America and subsequent diversification of the allotetraploid in Australia and New Zealand (Vijverberg et al.
It is an allotetraploid species (2n = 164) originated by interspecific hybridization between the diploid species D.
Allotetraploid origin has not been proposed for this species.
Mickel and Smith (2004) discuss these plants with larger spores as possible allotetraploid hybrids.