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the condition of being polyploid

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Waxy phenotype evolution in the allotetraploid cereal broomcorn millet: mutations at the GBSSI locus in their functional and phylogenetic context.
Genetic variation in the allotetraploid Dryopteris corleyi (Dryopteridaceae) and its diploid parental species in the Iberian Peninsula.
These data suggest that all 500+ species are descended from a single allotetraploid ancestor that was derived from two divergent parents.
This situation has also been described in the allotetraploid rodent Tympanoctomys barrerae (Lawrence, 1941) (Octodontidae), in which chromosomal material has been eliminated showing a 2n = 102, which is less than the expected 2n = 112 based on its closest relatives (Gallardo et al.
Is Allotetraploid Evolution in Terns a Species Pump?
Also, growth vigor was higher in allotetraploid plants (polyploids formed by combining two different Arabidopsis species) than standard hybrids (formed through combining the same species).
Currently, the stoloniferous, allotetraploid creeping bentgrass (2n = 4x = 28) is the most adapted species for use on golf course fairways and greens (Wipff and Fricker, 2001).
truncatus is an allotetraploid species with a distribution spanning from the South of Africa to the Middle East and the Mediterranean Islands (Brown 1994).
Bulinus truncatus is an allotetraploid species distributed over most of Africa, several Mediterranean islands, and part of the Middle East.
Zhang (2006) Characteristics, development and mapping of Gossypium hirsutum derived EST-SSRs in allotetraploid cotton.
Lineage-specific adaptive evolution of the centromeric protein CENH3 in diploid and allotetraploid Oryza species.
Abstract: The wild rice species Oryza latifolia is endemic to Tropical America, allotetraploid and has a CCDD genome type.
Gaut BS, Doebley JF (1997) DNA sequence evidence for the segmental allotetraploid origin of maize.