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In the description of the specimen, it was proposed as the first robust evidence of a member of the species Allosaurus fragilis outside North America (Perez-Moreno et al., 1999).
The description of Allosaurus fragilis in the Andres quarry was first based mainly in the characters combination available from the pelvic girdle and hindlimb elements.
The most recently analysed elements, mainly a set of cranial bones, also suggest a close similarity between the specimens from Andres and some members attributed to Allosaurus fragilis. This hypothesis has important implications for the knowledge of the palaeobiogeographic role of the Iberian plate during the Upper Jurassic.
Emily Rayfield, an earth sciences doctoral student at the school, has been studying the Allosaurus fragilis. a theropod from the Jurassic period whose fossilized remains have been found at numerous sites in the United States and Europe.
Consider a carnivorous dinosaur such as Allosaurus fragilis attacking and feeding on its prey.