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How and when allosaurs were replaced by tyrannosaurs and how its lineage arose has been a scientific mystery.
The newly discovered diminutive tyrannosaur lived near the end of the allosaurs and the evolutionary beginnings of the Earth's deadliest tyrant lizards.
Backyard mating battles between male ruby-throated, emerald-skinned chameleons evoke, with a bit of imagination, the earth-shaking set-tos of the 20-foot long, 10-ton allosaurs.
But most likely allosaurs and other big meat-eaters would have enjoyed a nice juicy human for lunch.
"I went where the bones are soft and the digging is hard." Among his and his volunteers' finds: megalosaurs, allosaurs, and, this summer, what may be one of the earliest Cretaceous ostrich dinosaurs.
And the Jurassic display had brontosaurs and stegosaurs and allosaurs. All just so beautiful.
Allosaurs, sometimes confused with the Tyrannosaurus rex, were large theropod dinosaurs.