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the condition of being polyploid

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Based on the ploidy level of these two species, their sympatric occurrence, and the strong similarities of these two species, it seems likely that they had an allopolyploid origin.
considered as strict allopolyploids based on their regular bivalent
component genome to Mexican allopolyploids based on traditional analysis
lb), but factors attributed to the success of allopolyploids conceptually suggest the less parsimonious hypothesis should not be discounted.
While our study is not the first to distinguish the timing of allopolyploidization relative to dispersal, it contributes to a growing body of evidence documenting the post dispersal formation of allopolyploids in diverse lineages, including well studied examples such as Tragapogon (e.
Single direction hybridization and allopolyploidization may produce cytoplasmically uniform hybrids or allopolyploids despite distinct origins (Soltis et al.
The use of patterns in the study of the evolution of allopolyploids.
These species or their ancestors probably originated as allopolyploids, rather than as autopolyploids (Heaslip, 1951).
an allopolyploid derivative of the two hexaploid parental taxa (reviewed in Ainouche et al.