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(linguistics) any of various acoustically different forms of the same phoneme

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are allophones of the same phoneme, and the same occurs with [b] and [[beta]], and with [g] and [X].
Herman re-stories his lesson on word-level stress by describing how even though the allophones of /t/(content of a previous lesson) are connected to word stress, his attempts to connect it to the new content left students "confused" and made them think the instructional focus was on the allophones of /t/.
Selon certaines recherches (Forget & Sabbatier, 2014, Moore & Sabbatier, 2014), la concretisation d'une pedagogie inclusive de la diversite dans les ecoles francophones minoritaires vise a repondre aux besoins linguistiques, culturels et cognitifs tres diversifies d'eleves--notamment les allophones, dont la langue maternelle n'est ni le francais ni l'anglais, les eleves issus de foyers exogames ou de foyers immigrants--qui ne maitrisent que peu ou pas le francais a leur entree a l'ecole et de ceux qui sont surdoues.
In English, /t/is chosen, rather arbitrarily, from the allophone [t] (as in "stop"), as the "citation form" of the phoneme, with other allophones indicated by diacritics.
While in InSLL, voiced allophones overwhelmingly prevail over the voiceless ones in this position (they make about 2/3 of all vocalic realizations), in FiRyz, voiceless allophones already become more common phrase-finally than the voiced ones (slightly more than the half of all vocalic realizations).
As Isac and Reiss note, the phenomenon of allophones demonstrate the "construction of experience" that is intrinsic to phonological representations in that two sounds that, in reality, are acoustically and articulatorily different, are perceived as the same.
1 In spite of the complexities introduced by Elamite's cuneiform script, it is possible to reconstruct a working list of phonemes, if not to clearly enumerate them due to ambiguities in the status of phonemes and allophones.
The pair [r]/ [d], however, was rated the same by both Spanish and English speakers; this pair is composed of allophones of different phonemes in each language.
He, along with the nationalist movement more generally, finds the very existence of allophones and anglophones a policy problem, worthy of state intervention, like crime, bad public health and dangerous roads.
The learners equate aspirated and unaspirated allophones of English labial /p/ and coronal /t/ with the corresponding L1 sounds neutralizing the aspiration contrast in the English plosives.
Puisque la langue parlee a la maison est ressortie parmi les determinants les plus importants pour expliquer la migration de la ville centre vers la banlieue --les francophones etant nettement plus susceptibles d'effectuer ce mouvement que les anglophones et allophones (Marois et Belanger (sous presse))--nous mettrons cette variable en evidence dans nos analyses afin de verifier si le contre-flux de la banlieue vers la ville centre pourrait aussi amplifier la segregation spatiale basee sur la langue.
Le choix d'interroger des immigrants allophones s'explique par le niveau de risque eleve de cette categorie d'immigrants de ne pas adopter des saines habitudes de vie, a cause de son faible niveau d'integration du a la non- maitrise du francais.
From Proto-Munduruku until Pre-Munduruku, *L developed into *d, carrying two allophones along: [d] in oral context and [n] in nasal context.
In Athpabariya there are five allophones such as [gh], [dz], [dzh], [bh] and [dh].
In plain context, the main allophones of these long vowels are respectively [ae:] (papir [pae:'pi:r] "grand-father"), [a:] pasom [pa:'so:m] "at me, at my place", [i:] psik [psi:k] "cat", [u:] kukar [ku:'kaer] "cock", [e:] cezak [t[?