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(linguistics) any of various acoustically different forms of the same phoneme

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a significant proportion of allophones, including about 10 per cent of the MMR, continue to be part of the linguistic mosaic, to perpetuate the cultural diversity of Quebec;
1 In spite of the complexities introduced by Elamite's cuneiform script, it is possible to reconstruct a working list of phonemes, if not to clearly enumerate them due to ambiguities in the status of phonemes and allophones.
Contrairement aux autres variables du modele, les impacts bruts et nets des variables ethniques et linguistiques different : les impacts bruts sont significatifs pour les personnes appartenant a un groupe de minorite visible (rc=1,7) par rapport aux blancs et pour les anglophones (rc=1,2) et les allophones (rc=1,2) par rapport aux francophones, mais les impacts nets ne le sont pas.
In Athpabariya there are five allophones such as [gh], [dz], [dzh], [bh] and [dh].
He also defines and discusses phonemic idiosyncrasy, or the existence of sets--usually pairs--of phones that are allophones of the same phoneme in one language and distinct phonemes in another.
In Ontario, Francophone men and women were also more likely to report being in poorer health than Anglophones and Allophones.
However, speech pathologists work very productively in therapy with phonetic primitives but also with allophones which are the variations of each phoneme based on context of production.
These semi vowels are allophones of /u & i/ in complimentary distribution.
However, a more recent umlaut process is under way with present-day aa, according to Buddruss resulting in the two allophones [[epsilon]:] and [e:].
The presence of this laryngeal feature, which is not found in prefix sequences, along with odd allophones like yh, along with a general richness of inventory, gives stem-final position a certain amount of phonological distinctiveness.
I should rather use the term "phonetic", treating them as allophones.
1,016 Allophones In-person (2003a, b #2), (non-French professional Switzerland speakers) versus (Trained: yes) language concordant Ngo-Metzger et 122 Professional In-person al.
4) This is what a linguist might term "orthographic variation," pardonable confusion in spelling stemming from writers' uncertainty over how to represent allophones (phonetic variants of phonemes).
Context-free grapheme-to-allophone rules from the Proteus standard words rule set (Zganec Gros, 2006) translate each grapheme string into a series of allophones.
Linguists describe these processes in terms of phonemes and allophones, but children have to solve the puzzle at the perceptual level.