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any of several different crystalline forms of the same chemical compound

a variant phonological representation of a morpheme

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7) Interestingly, Baydimirova (2010) considers o--and ob(o)--in Russian allomorphs of the same prefix, although they add rather different meanings to some verbs and yield minimal pairs.
This analysis suffers from two major shortcomings: first, as is well-known, Dutch -er has an allomorph -aar that surfaces under the same phonological conditions as the long form -aarster in (6a).
6) Oinas (1961 : 39) noted that there are front-vocalic allomorphs of the comitative marker (ka, ka) in the Kukkuzi and Jogopera Votic varieties.
CII] for cellulose II), the contributions of each allomorph were divided into ICRX-CI for cellulose I and ICRX-CII for cellulose II, according to Equation 3.
Their topics include prosodic allomorphs in the Estonian declension system, the nature of perceptual differences between accentual peaks and plateaux, late pitch accents in hat and dip intonation patterns, meter-specific timing and pronunciation in German poetry and prose, and anticipatory effects of intonation.
It attaches at the end of a noun (malgir 'companion' in example (10)) in a fashion similar to postpositions, and does not seem to have any other allomorphs.
According to Meyer-Lubke, a paradigmatic relation could have been established between the stressed none and unstressed no; from there, the syllable -ne could have been extracted and pressed into service as a marker of the stressed allomorphs of other vowel-final oxytones, including mene and tene in opposition to me and te (Italienische, 172-173).
Like the previous chapter, the authors begin by explaining the concepts of morphology and syntax as well as the difference between morphemes and allomorphs before moving on to specific structures.
R1 prefix, which has two allomorphs r- and 0-, signals that the dependent theme forms a syntactic constituent with its determiner, which is the immediate preceding expression.
In 3 > 2 and 3 > 1 configurations, the third person agent morpheme <mu-> has allomorphs in <m-~n-~n> between the preceding personal prefix and the verb root.
of Iasi, Romania) synthesize current knowledge in the research and application in the field of allomorphs of cellulose.
ABL have allomorphs where the epenthetic vowels are -a, -e or -o.
In Shona, verbal extensions such as the causative have two allomorphs, namely, [-is-] and [-es-].
2009 Influence of lexical semantics on reflexes and allomorphs of*<um> and *<in> in Bonggi.
The OIA lemma is found in ali NIA branches; however note that allomorphs with an (sometimes aspirated) affricate instead of a sibilant and with o instead of a are limited to the north-west.