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any of several different crystalline forms of the same chemical compound

a variant phonological representation of a morpheme

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6) Oinas (1961 : 39) noted that there are front-vocalic allomorphs of the comitative marker (ka, ka) in the Kukkuzi and Jogopera Votic varieties.
The original impetus for the transfer could have been reinforcement of the relevant accusative pronouns in Latin; later on, the pairs of allomorphs me/mene, te/tene and se/sene could have been reanalyzed as unstressed versus stressed, etc.
The third person non-singular allomorph undergoes changes according to the phonological environments.
The relatively early attested cuda-1 is also the most widespread allomorph with modern descendants found in the triangle between Nuristani, Assamese and Maldivian.
2009 Influence of lexical semantics on reflexes and allomorphs of*<um> and *<in> in Bonggi.
However, when it comes to American English, this phenomenon is claimed to have played a minor role in the development of the English language in the US (Wolfram--Schilling-Estes 2003a: 213), and its history in North American dialects has not attracted much scholarly attention thus far; in order to fill the gap in the linguistic investigation, the following paper focuses on the "nonstandard" usage of were allomorphs both in affirmative and negative constructions in two types of American sources: the letters written by New Englanders during the perils of the Civil War and literary dialect portrayals.
Focusing on morphology as one of the levels of linguistic representation and grammar, corpus annotations tend to be lexeme and word-form oriented, PoS-tags for lexemes in the corpus, rather than segmentation of word-forms into morphemes and allomorphs with their particular feature annotation.
There the allophone and allomorphs play a game of leapfrog between the Broca's and Wernicke's areas of her cortex before coming out of her mouth as fuzzy words and expressions.
In successive data, dialectal variants are separated by a slash /, while grammatical variants or allomorphs are separated by a backslash \.
A practical feature of the volume is the use of intuitive abbreviations for different kinds of verbal phrases; the same holds for the notation of the different Biblical Hebrew conjunctions ("we" for we- and allomorphs vs.
This book collects work on the structure of cellulose allomorphs and the potential of cellulose as a renewable raw material.
a mixture of phonemes or morphemes is excluded as are allomorphs and morphemes)
All allomorphs of -er take a linking /r/ before a word commencing with a vowel within the same grammatical constituent, so long as a pause does not intervene; for example, smaller elf /sm[?
9) For example, the inessive marker has three allomorphs (e)sto, (e)sto, (e)ste, cf.