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Synonyms for exponentiation

the process of raising a quantity to some assigned power

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The parameters for the allometric functions relating loin depth, backfat depth, Lean % and fat-free lean mass to CW are shown in Table 7.
The parameters of the allometric functions relating the weight of the primal and subprimal cut weights to CW in several cases were affected by sire line, sex and sire line by sex (Tables 8 and 9, p < 0.05).
First, to quantify the relationship between shell length and whole weight, we fitted individual measurements of shell length ([[??].sub.i]) and whole weight ([[??].sub.i]) to an allometric function ([??](L, m) = a(m) x [L.sup.b]), where months (m) are numbered from 1 (January)-12 (December).
All 3 regressions (females, males, and combined sexes) of BW on CL showed that the BW was a significantly positive allometric function of CL (Table 2).
(2004), which incorporates the main fishing stocks in the system (i.e., common hake Merluccius gayi gayi, jack mackerel Trachurus symmetricus murphyi, common sardine Strangomera bentincki and anchovy Engraulis ringens, among others) and the main trophic components in the study area in terms of biomass (i.e., euphausiids, copepods, phytoplankton), we use a bioenergetic model (Brose et al., 2005, 2006) in which the characteristics of nodes (i.e., functional groups) and links (i.e., trophic interactions) are calculated or parameterized by means of allometric functions (i.e., size-based approach as production, predation and metabolic rates).
This technique is particularly appealing for exploratory purposes, since it does not assume any specific form of allometry and thus provides allometric functions with a local rather than a global fit (see Schluter 1988).