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Synonyms for exponentiation

the process of raising a quantity to some assigned power

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Parameters for allometric function describing the relationship of carcass weight to BW (1) Sire line Sex A B 1 Barrow 0.
The parameters for the allometric functions relating loin depth, backfat depth, Lean % and fat-free lean mass to CW are shown in Table 7.
The likelihood standard deviation ([sigma]) was modeled as an allometric function of mean length:
All 3 regressions (females, males, and combined sexes) of BW on CL showed that the BW was a significantly positive allometric function of CL (Table 2).
Each of the four compartments is defined by state variables (biomass and height), two qualitative variables (fiber content and digestibility) and two allometric functions representing the relationships between state variables (vertical distribution of the biomass, and specific leaf area, which is the leaf area produced for each gram of biomass).