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tissue or organ transplanted from a donor of the same species but different genetic makeup


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RTI) (Nasdaq: RTIX), the Florida-based processor of orthopedic, dental, hernia and other biologic implants, donated nearly 500 spinal allografts to AIC-CURE International Children's Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya this week.
Eric Desman was the principal investigator for this study, which included 36 patients and is the first identified study of very large chronic wounds treated with human skin allografts.
The allografts will be provided under the JRF brand name and are expected to be available this August.
Kidney allografts were transplanted with sCD83-only treatment, rapamycin-only treatment, or both agents in combination.
para]]"Reimbursement helps ensure that our allografts reach doctors and their patients," said Kimberly French, Director of Marketing for AlloSource.
The sports medicine line primarily includes tendon and ligament allografts used in ACL and other joint repair.
Fresh-stored OC allografts provide mature hyaline cartilage with attached bone under the cartilage for repairing a joint surface, such as the knee.
1 million Medicaid beneficiaries have insurance coverage provided for the Company's allografts as of this time.
He subsequently underwent a three-level anterior cervical corpectomy and fibula allograft reconstruction plus posterolateral mass instrumentation from C3-C7 with local corpectomy bone graft.
Transplant Technologies of Texas processes sterile human tissue and distributes a variety of allograft implants including machined spine implants, demineralized bone matrix and sponge allografts as well as traditional bone allografts.
The technology works by exposing allografts to a variety of cleaning solutions inside a fully automated, closed, rotating canister.
Due to these advantages, allografts have increasingly been chosen for ACLR.
His research reached a turning point when he noticed a fast healing tendency in patients who underwent allografts (transplant of cells, tissues or organs) for soft tissue augmentation prior to mono-cortical block graft compared to those who underwent the block graft before the allograft.
However, it is widely accepted that not all failed allografts need removal.
Moreover, PM significantly ameliorated tubular accumulation of pentosidine, compared to untreated allografts (2.