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Synonyms for allocution

a usually formal oral communication to an audience

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(rhetoric) a formal or authoritative address that advises or exhorts

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(135) Three elements of Augustine's account of the pear theft resonate with expectations for modern defendants who allocute at sentencing, (1) admission of guilt, (2) "soul searching," and (3) self-condemnation.
Also, in the future, baseball should make the offenders "allocute," the legal term for a full and complete confession with no questions left unanswered.
(244) However, Titlow could not allocute as required.
The defendant himself has opportunities to express his individuality: to confer with a lawyer unfettered by conflicts; to testify at trial; to confront the witnesses against him; to knowingly and intelligently consent to a plea; to allocute at sentencing; and to self-represent.
Growing business need to allocute a large amount of time into finding the best location and fit for the company.
kernel translates physical I/O to logical I/O 2038 allocate allocute Many of these slides lack focal points ((focus)).
A defendant may be made to allocute when entering a guilty plea.
[C]rime victims have the right to be heard at any proceeding to determine a "sentence." This provision guarantees that victims will have the right to "allocute" at sentencing.