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of rocks, deposits, etc.

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* "Non-Western allochthon": a person with a "non-Western background"; someone originating from a country in Africa, South America, or Asia (excluding Indonesia and Japan) or Turkey.
Keywords: Northland Allochthon, Modal Analysis, Provenance, Tectonic Setting, Petrography, Ternary and discrimination diagrams.
(2007): Tectonic evolution of the upper allochthon of the Ordenes complex (northwestern Iberian Massif): Structural constraints to a polyorogenic peri-Gondwanan terrane.
In the Netherlands only the nationality of persons is registered, that is to say, a person who was born in a foreign country or of whose father or mother was born in a foreign country, is registered as allochthon. Statistics from the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (Centraal Bureau van de Statistiek) counts about 368.000 allochthon Turks in the year 2007 (of about 3,2 million allochthons on a total population of 16,3 million).
Specific topics include Silurian-bearing terranes of Alaska, the significance of detrital zircons in Upper Devonian ocean-basin strata of the Sonora allochthon and Lower Permian synorogenic strata of Mina Mexico foredeep in central Sonora, and Late Triassic mixed carbonate-volcaniclastic facies of the Olds Ferry terrane in eastern Oregon and western Idaho.
Regional correlation, age, provenance, and tectonic significance of sandstone-mudstone sequences in the Humber Arm allochthon, western Newfoundland, Canada.
[28] proposed that the steady subsidence is associated with a 7-10 km thick active allochthon that is detached from the stable North America plate.
Mapping in the north and south of central Bhutan has led to the recognition of a single large allochthon extending from the Tang Chu in the north to the Black Mountains further south encompassing an area of ~80km x 10-50km (see Figure 2).
The angular relations between the cataclastic rocks and the conglomerate units, combined with the presence of cataclasite clasts in the conglomerate units and evidence of dip-slip faults within the basin, suggest an extensional setting, where listric normal faults outline detachment allochthons. Allochthon geometry requires two stages of extension, the older stage completed in early Windsor Group time and including most of the island, and the more local younger stage completed in Mabou Group time.
4, Meelpaeg allochthon) exposed in southwestern and central Newfoundland (Fig.
At this point, it appears clear that length of stay and place of origin--reduced to a simple binary resembling that of autochthon and allochthon - became formally politicized in the struggle for government housing and a legitimate place in the city.