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any of several Australian trees of the genus Casuarina

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Similarly Withers and Ashton (1977) reported increased dominance of shade tolerant Allocasuarina species, the development of a thick soil litter layer and the decline of the overstorey E.
Kirkpatrick and Marks (1985) inferred that relatively high drought tolerance of Allocasuarina enabled it to displace eucalypts in a woodland of southern Tasmania.
Allocasuarina (Casuarinaceae) invasion of an unburnt coastal woodland at Ocean Grove, Victoria: Structural changes 1971-1996.
Flicking through the fieldnote book, the plant host genera, Callitris, Grevillea, Allocasuarina, Eremophila, Melaleuca, Leptospermum, Callistomen, Leschenaultia, Verticordia, Pimelia and Hibbertia stand out.
Even in the genera with mostly dioecious representatives in Western Australia, such as Allocasuarina, only one of the shrubby kwongan members is monoecious (A.
calophylla 6 Banksia grandis 2 Allocasuarina 5 Unburnt 811 E.
Revision of Laryngodus HerrichSchaeffer, an Allocasuarina feeder, with comments on its biology and the classification of the family (Heteroptera: Lygaeoidea: Rhyparochromidae).
Soils from site-vegetation type P, which support Eucalyptus marginata, Allocasuarina fraseriana, and Eucalyptus calophylla, were pale sands that had significantly lower concentrations of total nitrogen and extractable potassium, and a significantly lower proportion of gravel than soils from the other site-vegetation types (P [is less than] 0.
His garden 'Wigandia' (named after a flowering tree from Mexico), positioned on the side of Mount Noorat, Victoria, and watered only by rain, (50) is a wildly colourful display; it combines ornamental grasses, succulents and cacti, a great deal of allocasuarinas and a mixture of hardy perennials--even a rose or two.
It even borrows some devices from landscape styles that are present in the surrounding gardens, such as an 'avenue' of allocasuarinas and a 'bosquet' of swamp paperbarks.