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large genus of perennial and biennial pungent bulbous plants: garlic

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Alliums were overlooked for years because they smell of onions.
In this week's step-by-step we show you how to create a stylish arrangement with a few stems of giant alliums.
Back among the onions though, and Dutch firm W S Warmenhoven had a stunning display of Allium. I am sure that Allium suffer from being tagged as decorative onions which seems to make them a bit infra dig, a pity as they do have some spectacular garden plants among their number.
Medium-size alliums can be interspersed in garden beds or allowed to poke up through low-growing plants.
FREE MIXED SPRING FLOWERING BULBS AND MIXED ALLIUMS ORDER FORM To order your 100 free Mixed Spring bulbs and/or 100 Alliums: Please complete and send this order form, along with a cheque or postal order for the appropriate amount (made payable to 'MGN Ltd') to: Sunday People, Spring bulbs & Alliums Offer, Ref PE5, PO Box 30, St.
A pack of 100 Mixed Allium bulbs is worth pounds 17.99 but all you have to pay is pounds 4.30 for postage.
Allium Purple Sensation - Buy 15 for PS9.99 or order 60 for only PS19.98, Half Price
* Ornamental onions (Allium) are among the best bulbs for resistance to animal browsing and come in many varieties.
Allium 'FIREWORKS MIX' (SUTTONS.CO.UK) IF you're after fun, consider this striking mix of the three alliums in shades of fuchsia pink, canary yellow and ice white, whose myriad blooms explode into colour like emerging fireworks.
2 Allium 'Purple Rain' ( "I've always found 'Purple Rain' comes up year after year, flowering in May," said bulb expert Christine Skelmersdale, of Broadleigh Bulbs.
Alliums make good partners for grasses, which have height and movement and hide the fading straggly leaves of the allium before it flowers.
So, purple is the new black, if the swathes of lupins, irises, salvias and alliums which featured in the show gardens at this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show are anything to go by.
ALLIUMS are such stars their flamboyant flowers will fit into every scheme, from wild meadows to space-age theatre sets and containers.
Asia is one of the origin centers of Allium genus, especially garlic (Allium sativum L.), onion (Allium cepa L.), and Chinese chive (Allium tuberosum) [1]; however sulfur compounds from alliums have played a key roles in defense [2].
"Alliums contain substances that, when broken down by chopping, crushing, or mincing, are exposed to each other, creating a compound called allicin.