Allium vineale

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pungent Old World wild onion

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For Allium vineale plants, the impact of mycorrhizal infection varies significantly with life stage.
1986; Schroeder and Janos, 2004; see also Smith and Smith, 1996), the percent of Allium vineale roots colonized by mycorrhizae was significantly lower at higher levels of P after 6 mo of growth.
As larger bulbs produce greater numbers of flowers and bulbils the following year (Ronsheim, 1997), this increase in bulb size is likely to translate into greater lifetime fitness, and this benefit may be increased further if the specific fungal associates of Allium vineale are present.
Mycorrhizal Allium vineale plants did produce more bulbils and larger offsets than nonmycorrhizal plants but only at lower P levels.
The results from this study indicate that, within this population of Allium vineale, spatial heterogeneity in P in the field is likely to result in the plant-mycorrhizal association ranging from beneficial to neutral in its effect on plant growth and reproduction.
Evidence against a frequency-dependent advantage for sexual reproduction in Allium vineale.
Distance-dependent performance of asexual progeny in Allium vineale (Liliaceae).