Allium ampeloprasum

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coarse Old World perennial having a large bulb and tall stalk of greenish purple-tinged flowers

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TOPALAF is one of the herbal medicines including Tribulus terrestris, Orchis mascula, Phoenix dactylifera, Allium ampeloprasum, Lepidium sativus, Amygdalus communis and Ficus carica (Table 1).
TOPALAF was prepared by blending the powdered herbs including Tribulus terrestris, root of Orchis mascula, Phoenix dactylifera pollen, Allium ampeloprasum seed, Lepidium sativus seed, Amygdalus communis and Ficus carica.
Cardiff Wild leek (allium ampeloprasum), used to identify Welsh soldiers in battle against the Saxon English,it is found on Flat Holm.
Allium ampeloprasum (formerly porrum)--Elephant garlic
Their supposed ancestor, Allium ampeloprasum is now classed as an archaeophyte on the assumption that it was introduced to the island of Britain as a crop-plant.
Allium ampeloprasum "Elephant" garlic is often sold as garlic but is closer related to leeks.
My winter winner of top of the crops has got to be the ever-hardy garlic, and now's the time to plant Allium ampeloprasum "Elephant" garlic is often sold as garlic but is actually closer related to leeks.
It is known that Allium genus are widely cultivated and used all over the world, particularly garlic, onion, shallot (Allium ascalonicum), leek (Allium ampeloprasum), and chive (Allium schoenoprasum) [14].