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large genus of perennial and biennial pungent bulbous plants: garlic

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One of the recipes indicated soaking washed pieces of Olax subscorpioidea, Euphorbia hirta( Emi-ile in Yoruba), Euphorbia lateriflora, Securidaca longipedunculata, Crinum jagus, Allium sativum (Ayuu or garlic) and, Tetrapleura tetraptera in water.
Alternatively try 'Think Purple' and combine the 90-120cm tall Allium giganteum with purple-leaved shrubs such as the smoke bush Cotinus coggygria or the elderberry Sambucus Black Lace, along with bold drifts of tulip Queen of Night.
2,212 TEUs) imports and 188, TEUs exports was handled at the Port Two ships, general cargo carrier Chong Ming and oil tanker BW Yang Tze sailed outto sea on Thursday morning while two more ships, container vessel MSC Tomoko and edible oil carrier Bunga Allium are expected to sail on same day in the aftrnoon.
Choose evergreen backdrops Select backbone evergreen plants such as holly or yew to create a framework, accented by perennials with strong architectural value such as alliums and irises - which can be repeat-planted within the border, mixed with plenty of old-fashioned favourites including aquilegias, foxgloves, pinks, hollyhocks, Michaelmas daisies and poppies.
Most Allium research has been done on onions and garlic, but leeks contain many of the same healthy components, including sulfur compounds, which have a wide range of benefits, such as antibiotic effects, antiplatelet activity, and anticancer properties (Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 2015).
Group 1 was given 5 ml/kg of distilled water as placebo, while groups 2, 3 and 4 received 78 mg/kg, 156 mg/kg and 312 mg/kg dose of the extract of Allium sativum respectively for 28 days.
6,26] Previous literature review revealed that, shallot like other Allium species contains organosulfur compounds including allicin-decomposition products (diallyl disulfide, diallyltrisulfide, and ajoene), S-allyl cysteine was shown to have potential antitumor activities.
To get more allium vegetables into your diet, snip fresh scallions or chives over salads, dips, and pasta dishes, start soups and stews with diced, sauteed onions, and include leeks in potato-based dishes; leek and potato soup is a classic example of a delicious way to get beneficial phytonutrients that allium vegetables provide.
Allium said that the successful achievement of all clinical trial objectives, including the primary endpoint, based on half the number of patients defined in the study protocol, while meeting very stringent criteria for statistical significance is remarkable and unprecedented.
Chaerophyllum hirsutum 'haerophyllum hirsutum 'Roseum' - a pink cow-parsley 'Roseum' - a pink cow-parsley relative -owers at much the same relative - owers at much the same time as Allium hollandicum.
The two restaurants are Masseto in Salcedo Village and Allium in Legaspi Village.