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Synonyms for alliteration

use of the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable in a line of verse

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Cupid & Cate,'' based on a novel with the significantly less alliterative title ``Cupid and Diana,'' could've been structured a little more efficiently.
The misleading alliterative title notwithstanding, Marshall deals mainly with the relation of Locke's religious beliefs to his ethical and political thought.
As its alliterative title suggests, Balkan Blues, an anthology of nine Yugoslav writers - Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Bosnian-Muslim, and Macedonian - is about the civil war in the Balkans and the former Yugoslavia.
What is it about him that has put him in a class by himself, that inspired the soaring, alliterative title of "The Great Gretzky'?
The pattern here is cyclical, as may be seen in the (mostly) alliterative titles for the chapters: "Breakdown," "Reanimation" "Resistance," "Transformation," and "Return.