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Synonyms for alliteration

use of the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable in a line of verse

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These concerns have been front and center in scholarly works at least since William Roff's 1982 seminal study on Southeast Asia (with its similarly alliterative title, "Sanitation and Security: The Imperial Powers and the Nineteenth Century Hajj").
They nearly all spotted the alliterative title and one or two noticed the street spelling of 'gangsta'.
“I made it clear the lead song with its alliterative title is an 'anthem of American Angst' that all Americans, no matter their politics, should rally behind in these troubled times, more challenging than when I first wrote the song twenty years ago.
Perhaps the alliterative title of this book may ease some readers into what is the fascinating and yet forbidding world of Port-Royal, a famously austere and controversial convent in seventeenth-century France.
At first glance the book could be slightly deceptive (candy-coloured pulp-fiction cover, snappy alliterative title, and strap line, 'The South African HIV/AIDS mystery').