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European herb somewhat resembling celery widely naturalized in Britain coastal regions and often cultivated as a potherb

king of Macedon

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Peter, Karen, Peter and Ricky our thoughts are with you.) Love Terry, Anne, Jonathon, Alex, Allistair, Bradley and Elliott xx.
Sonnye Dixon who serves as President of the Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship, Allistair Newbern of the Metro Human Relations Commission, and Jocelyn Wurzburg of the Tennessee Human Rights Commission.
Daughter Sandra Pitts, 69, mum to Jayne Flynn, 46, and 41-year-old Allistair, said: "It is amazing mum is 100.
Special thanks to Allistair McRobert (Liverpool John Moores University, UK) for reviewing previous versions of the manuscript.
Ascya Bishara, Clendon Pene, Dillon Gage, Glen Te Whanau, James King, Kyle Bennie, Michael McFarlane, Nathan Morehu, Rana Chand, Tom Calnan, Tom Cliffe, Will Latu, Paul Austin, Jarrod Purdy, Dean White, Bill Asmar, Oday Warrayat, Allistair Field, Liam Caldwell and Chris Potgieter.
Dubai resident Allistair Jordan, managing director of PremiE re Neige, says: "Sainte Foy is the perfect ski holiday destination for families looking for high quality accommodation and service in a unique, unspoilt village resort.
BIRLINN, the Edinburgh based publisher, has brought out Allistair Moffat's Tuscany: A History' ([pounds sterling] 9.99), an informative and well researched history of this region of Italy that has attracted British visitors for centuries.
However they fought back to level when Gavin Beasley landed a penalty before Allistair Murray crossed over.
The winner is trained by Allistair Whillans for the Play Fair Partnership.
"Thatcherism", in: Iain McLean and Allistair McMillan (eds).
Tight grip: Exeter's Tom Johnson stifles Allistair Muldowney during a Moseley attack.
OFF-LOAD: Moseley tryscorer Andy Williams (right) SKY HIGH: Moseley's Andrew Hall goes up against James Scaysbrook in the lineout HALL OR NOTHING: Andrew Hall charges forward BRUTE FORCE: Allistair Muldowney runs with the ball
The authors wish to express their gratitude to the UK Department for International Development (DFID) for funding that made this research possible, and to the following people who helped in various roles to ensure the successful completion of this project: Hilary Hazel, Shirley Skeritt, Kimberly Tucker, DoA staff (Jerome Thomas, Thomas Jackson, Allistair Edwards, Ashton Stanley), PPD staff (Ellis Hazel, Patrick Williams, Quincy Alexander, Graeme Brown), Cromwell Thomas, Sugar Transition Office staff (Gordon Alert, Keith Phillip), SSMC staff (Osbert Martin, Hyrum Williams, Euclin Clarke Walters, Sam Baley, Alton Bass), Conrad Kelly, Cassandra Benjamin, Errol Rawlins, Janey Smith, Hugh Grandstaff, Gotz Gaschutt, and Harry Shutt.
The second 2,000gns call came when North Wales triallist Brynley Williams, of Ysceifiog, sold his 21-month tri-coloured dog Flynn to well-known sheepdog handler Allistair Lyttle, of Pettigo, County Donegall.
The other defendants in the case included Allistair Mackenzie-Crow, aged 51, of Cradley Heath, Birmingham, his girlfriend Sarah Chater, of St Neots, Cambridgeshire and Michael Hartshorne, aged 43, of Stourbridge, Birmingham.