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Helicops modestus -- Xenodon nattered -- Chelidae Platemys -- platycphala Cheloniidae Chelonia mydas Adult Eepidochelys Adult olivacea -- Dermochelyidae Dermochelys Adult coriacea Emydidae Trachemjs scripta -- Kinostemidae Yjnosternon -- leucostomum Podocnemididae Podocnemis -- imifilis Testudinidae Chelonoidis -- denticnlata Alligatoridae Caiman sp.
Numero total de especies de reptiles por familia registradas para el departamento de Casanare Caeciliidae 27 Bufonidae 4 Teiidae 4 Alligatoridae 3 Amphisbaenidae 3 Dactyloidae 3 Elapidae 3 Gekkonidae 3 Sphaerodactylidae 2 Gymnophthalmidae 2 Leptotypholoptidae 2 Viperidae 2 Anomalepididae 1 Chelidae 1 Iguanidae 1 Podocnemididae 1 Ploychrotidae 1 Scincidae 1 Testudinidae 1 Nota: Tabla derivada de grafico de barra.
As Sanchez and his team reveal, Venezuela's fossils include all the families of crocodile species that still exist all over the world today: the Crocodylidae, the so-called true crocodiles; the Alligatoridae, which, besides the true alligators, also include caimans; and the Gavialidae, which are characterized by their extremely long, thin snouts and are only found in Southeast Asia nowadays.
acutus) y tres Alligatoridae (Caiman crocodilus, Paleosuchus trigonatus y P.
These are features consistent with members of Globidonta, which includes the crown-group Alligatoridae and a few of its closest extinct relatives such as Brachychampsa and Stangerochampsa; (refer to Brochu 1999).