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large alligator of the southeastern United States

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5 Appendix 1-Nematode and trematode species richness from Alligator mississippiensis across Texas, Florida, Louisiana West Zone (LAW), and Louisiana East Zone (LAE) locations including total abundance, prevalence in percentage, and mean intensity (MI; mean number of parasites found in the infected hosts).
Absence of kin discrimination in hatchling American alligators, Alligator mississippiensis.
Subglottal pressure and fundamental frequency control in contact calls of juvenile Alligator mississippiensis.
While Tyrannosaurus and its ilk died out some 65 million years ago, Alligator mississippiensis has adapted and thrived in the modern world-even, for better or worse, in close proximity to Homo sapiens floridianus.
1985) have been performed on Alligator mississippiensis, there has been no all-inclusive work published outlining identification of all the endohelminths of alligators.
Lang (1987) reported that increased temperature resulted in augmented appetite, frequency and amplitude of gastric contractions, and peptic activity in Alligator mississippiensis, and he also mentions that presumably it would not increase the total amount of energy extracted from a meal.
En Alligator mississippiensis cautivos y silvestres, se reportaron valores más altos de proteínas totales en machos (5,53 y 5,64 g/dl, respectivamente); las diferencias intersexuales se atribuyen principalmente al tamaño corporal (peso y longitud total) de los ejemplares (11).
Key words: Alligator mississippiensis, American Alligator, Black Soldier Fly (BSF), Hermetia illucens, nutrition.
Long-term changes in a population of Alligator mississippiensis in South Carolina.
Induction time course of cytochromes P450 by phenobarbital and 3-methylcholanthrene pretreatment in liver microsomes of Alligator mississippiensis.