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the alliance of nations that fought the Axis in World War II and which (with subsequent additions) signed the charter of the United Nations in 1945

in World War I the alliance of Great Britain and France and Russia and all the other nations that became allied with them in opposing the Central Powers

an alliance of nations joining together to fight a common enemy

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The scientific soccer lads were brilliant on the day as they secured the vital win away, against a struggling Inter Allies side.
'China and Philippines are not allies, we only have one and that is the United States,' the netizen said.
The Allies proposed to form a shield in desolate northern Russia behind which the Russians could build a new Red Army.
Obering pointed to Iran and North Korea as tangible threats to the United States and its allies, but stressed that aside from rogue states the United States must be prepared to deal with asymmetric threats from terrorist networks, emerging state powers, and a plethora of unknown scenarios.
These activities include people-to-people contacts through our personnel exchange programs, as well as armaments cooperation activities that enhance interoperability with our friends and allies. A key planning tool in determining our strategies for relationship-building is politico-military analysis, understanding the economic, social, political, and cultural affects on military, air, and space issues.
The question that leaps to mind when visiting Allies and Morrison's new offices in Southwark, is why does this not look like an Allies and Morrison building?
In short, Burma is a threat to our allies in the region, but not to us.
Rushing to find allies in the "war on terrorism," America has enlisted the help of some new "friends" who are themselves longtime sponsors of terrorism.
Beneath the bromides of alliance solidarity, Washington has a cool contempt for its allies. It doesn't take more than a few drinks at Washington dinners to start a round of smug jokes at the allies' expense.
The Allies viewed the Germans as an unforgiving piece of iron.
Was there ever any doubt that the Allies would emerge victorious in the Second World War?
Eisenhower feared that if he returned the men to their bases in England, information about where and how the Allies planned to strike would leak to the Germans.
The primary role of International Armaments Cooperation (IAC) is to promote rationalization, standardization and interoperability of Air Force defense equipment and capabilities and allies to ensure coalition success.