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a Christian feast day honoring all the saints

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The traditions associated with Samhain continued in Europe over the centuries; however, Allhallows was not generally celebrated in the United States until after the 1840s when the Allhallows evening celebration became known as 'hallows eve, and eventually Halloween.
(45) In addition, the seizure included a building called the Green Dragon in Cow Lane, St Sepulchre without Newgate; two tenements in nearby Hosier Lane; and a brewhouse called Watts Brewhouse in Fryer Lane, near Thames Street in Allhallows the Great parish, which Gray was leasing from Richard Watts, and which he had recently spent 40 [pounds sterling] expanding and renovating.
That marriage had taken place in Allhallows Lombard Street on October 16, 1560, less than five months after Robert Crowley's death on 1 June of the same year.
Lifeboats, Coastguard teams and an RAF helicopter searched the area for two hours before spotting the couple waving at them from the shoreline at Allhallows, Kent.
But after only 50 miles of flapping, the bored bird pulled out and swooped on the Haven Allhallows holiday complex at Rochester, Kent.
During the half-year ending 30 June 1891, for instance, just 1,449 tons of Brayton coal reached the port, together with 508 tons from Bullgill and 323 tons from Allhallows, collieries a little farther afield.
Since the Monarchist movement began to take shape in late 1651 with a meeting at Allhallows the Great, London, where Jessey and other Monarchist leaders were weekday lecturers, it seems unlikely that Clarke, who quickly became well connected in the small world of the London radical puritan community and almost certainly with Jessey and his church, highlighted the five-monarchy scheme in IN of 1652 without qualifying comments if his own conception was at variance with theirs.
Kent Police said an 'angry exchange' followed between the people in both cars before the Land Rover began to follow the couple as they headed home to Allhallows, near the Isle of Grain.
Southern England: Church Farm, Allhallows, The Orchards, Combe Haven.
Directly opposite Allhallows Eve in the seasonal cycle, it was once widely celebrated among all Germanic peoples.
Mrs Christine Sandlan, of Allhallows, near Rochester, Kent, who was accompanied by her children Richard, aged 16, and Vicki, aged 13, won a series of prizes after walking through the doors of the attraction at Greenwich, south-east London.
Christine, of Allhallows, near Rochester, Kent, said: "It has been a really exciting day."
1 The first entry comes from the 1536 Allhallows Staining accounts (Guildhall Library MS 4856/1, f.
It was found in the church of Allhallows and at "inns and alehouses, in sadlers and smiths, and other tradesmen's shops"; a gentleman, Thomas Burton, "said he would give an angell for a coppie of it, and shewe it to his lord", while Edward Thorowgood, a woollen-draper, promised to "sende it into Cambridgeshire to his friendes".
Administration of the goods of John Towne of Allhallows Barking near the Tower was granted to his widow Catherine on 22 January 1616/17 by the Commissary Court of London.(50)