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Alleycat races are informal cycling competitions, or, as 29-year-old coordinator Luke DeMoe put it, "a mix between scavenger hunts and seeing who can navigate the city the fastest.
The AlleyCAT can be micro-adjusted vertically and horizontally and is scribed with reference marks to make small movements a snap.
With a football match, a dizzying flight in a toy plane and a car chase through some heavy pedestrian traffic there is a certain element of CGI showing off but the technical grandstanding isn't at the expense of the story - although Nathan Lane's catty kitty Snowbell (the real star of the original) and Steve Zahn's sly alleycat Monty are disappointingly shortchanged on screen time giving it slightly less of an adult crossover appeal than say Shrek .
It was lower than the gutter and showed the intellect of an ant and the morals of an alleycat.
In 2000, West's achievements garnered the attention of AlleyCat News, a publication that covers emerging growth companies in the New York and tristate area, which named her one of the top 25 women in Silicon Alley.
AlleyCat News, the leading publication covering the business behind Internet and technology companies in New York and the tri-state area, announced today that it has paired up with MLX.
She also is publisher of AlleyCat News, a newsletter focusing on venture capital in Manhattan's Silicon Alley.
A small alleycat squeals from a nearby trashcan, underscoring this drama of diminution, panther reduced to pussycat.
It's Alleycat then Nesting Roc, not the other way around.
We used a smaller vehicle known as an alleycat to collect from Clifton Close on Friday and we were returning to Brooklyn Avenue yesterday.
In the selling handicap chase, Ford sat tight when The Alleycat hit the fence, and urged on her mount to fend off the persistent challenge of Just Muckin Around by a length, making the 450-mile round trip from Cheshire worthwhile.
We began implementing Alleycat in the fall of 1999, by creating a gateway that consisted of software running on a network Sun 450 Ultra server.
and founder of USA Networks; Bruce Paisner, president of Hearst Entertainment; Tom Rogers, president-CEO of Primedia; and new faces Anna Wheatly, editor in chief, AlleyCat News; and Jason McCabe Calacanis, editor-CEO, Silicon Alley Reporter.
He continues as a contributor to AlleyCat News, the new media industry publication.
Meanwhile, her Louse Lover David Wicks was dallying with old flame Carol Jackson and explaining his alleycat morality: "Some blokes get the Seven-Year Itch.