chlorpheniramine maleate

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an antihistamine (trade names Coricidin and Chlor-Trimeton)

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Matrixx products also include ZICAM Cold Remedy Relief for Kids, ZICAM Allergy Relief Spray and Swab, ZICAM Extreme Congestion Relief, ZICAM Intense Sinus Relief, and its dietary supplement line, ZICAM Total Immune.
FlonaseA Allergy Relief is the first and only over-the-counter nasal spray indicated for relief of all nasal and eye-related allergy symptoms including runny nose, sneezing, itchy nose, nasal congestion and itchy and watery eyes.
The 12th free pollen allergy relief camp started at Aabpara Community Centre, on March 31.
Shattuck, who owns Shattuck Pharmacy in Northboro, said he is not sure of the exact causes of the extended allergy seasons, but has noticed the demand for allergy relief is steady.
Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) is another effective option for allergy relief.
Subjective Assessment of Allergy Relief Following Group Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis: A Preliminary Study.
For Tesco healthcare buyer Lesley Arnot, hayfever remedies are a "big opportunity" though last year sales of allergy relief tablets were down 3.
These bottles are an ideal choice for a wide range of liquid over-the-counter (OTC) products including cough and cold, analgesic and allergy relief.
Also, buy one, get one FREE on all allergy relief products (excludes pharmacy lines).
Steve Gunn set up Gunn's Cleaning in 2000 and has now been given a high achievement award by German allergy relief manufacturer Allerg-Stop.
Doctors fob me off with allergy relief tablets and my husband is more concerned about whether my rashes are "catchable"
Oregon has become the first state to require a doctor's prescription for many over-the-counter cold and allergy relief medicines, with the aim of shutting down methamphetamine labs around the state.
Zyrtec provided statistically significant allergy relief compared to Allegra at
Another reason we have teamed up with Moss Pharmacy for this fantastic offer is they are the experts when it comes to holiday health - for guidance on the correct sun protection for your skin type, or the best deals on allergy relief for all the family, Moss Pharmacists are the people to ask.
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