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Continue to practice drills until everyone knows and performs his or her part smoothly--time is of the essence in treating allergic reactions.
Under current government standards, gloves labeled as "powder-free" can contain up to two milligrams of powder per glove, enough to trigger allergic reactions in sensitized individuals.
The antibody IgE tells immune cells to release the chemical histamine, which results in allergic reactions.
More than 170 types of food are known to cause allergic reactions, with nuts, milk, wheat and shellfish among the most widely known.
Beyond triggering allergic reactions, mold also is blamed for some potentially serious infectious diseases from outdoor exposure.
After months of research, the CDC could find absolutely no evidence that Booth (or any of the other supposed victims who underwent testing) had suffered an allergic reaction.
This nasal spray helps prevent allergic reactions from starting in some patients by preventing the release of chemicals like histamine.
Data examined showed that over the past 10 years eight children died from an allergic reaction to food.
Millions of people live with allergic reactions to foods such as nuts, fish, and milk.
Fact: It is estimated that 150-200 people die each year due to allergic reactions to food.
The food industry recently released voluntary labeling standards that call for disclosure of the sources of flavorings that could cause allergic reactions.
Joe recently had a serious allergic reaction at a hotel in the middle of the night.
has recalled about 129,000 pounds of chicken fajita kits that may contain whey, a dairy product that can cause moderate to severe allergic reactions that was accidentally added to the kits, USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service says.
Inhalation of airborne allergens (substances that provoke an allergic reaction), such as dust, mold, and pollen, often set off allergic reactions (allergic rhinitis) that, in turn, may contribute to sinusitis.
Environmental health officers are warning people who suffer from allergic reactions not to eat an ice cream dessert found to be contaminated with hazelnuts.