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a wrench for Allen screws

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It takes some practice to use the Allen wrench correctly.
Caption: Collimating the main mirror requires removing a metal plate, then loosening three locking screws with an Allen wrench and turning the collimation screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver.
Provided I'm not counting ounces on a high-country hunt, I carry a lightweight Allen wrench set and Super Glue in my backpack at all times.
Holster tension can be adjusted through the use of a provided Allen wrench on a silver hex head screw in the holster body.
An Allen wrench is all that is required to mount and lock these bushings into place.
The rotor can be removed from the housing with a 3/16" allen wrench.
No longer would I have to remeasure flour that I'd lost track of while talking, or remove 28 tiny screws with an Allen wrench after discovering that, during a long-distance gabfest, I had assembled an IKEA cabinet upside down.
4 Place the mass air sensor into the housing and tighten it down with the Allen wrench.
Once installed, the Speed Strip bolt stop pin can be removed with an Allen wrench, allowing the bolt to be removed for cleaning, and the bore to be cleaned from the chamber.
Paul Rhodes, Supervisor of Customer Training, HD Supply, said some specialty lighting suppliers sell harp-shaped devices that can be mounted over CFLs with an Allen wrench.
The tooling can be changed in less than 30sec with a quick turn of an Allen wrench.
The halls and rooms were awash in Ikea-style stainless steel and cream-colored laminated hardboard, and Kurt noticed that if you had an Allen wrench you could conceivably take the entire hotel apart.
Allen wrench from the hack to remove the cylinder for rekeying.
While the unit could be serviced easily with an Allen wrench, the D-slot prevents the body's door detail from being torn off if a power wrench is used accidentally.
A standard Allen wrench tightens the wedge lock clamping mechanism to user requirements.