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a wrench for Allen screws

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The screw can be adjusted with a 3/16-inch Allen wrench.
The duo-belt sander, designed by a professional woodworker, is made of aluminum and nylon and expands with the turn of art Allen wrench.
Allen wrench: an Allen wrench looks like a bent elbow or the letter "T.
The gearing inside the mount makes it as easy to dial in the desired alignment as it is to focus binoculars - either by hand or optionally with the use of an Allen wrench.
Fortunately, Pine Ridge Archery has it figured out with their Archers Allen Wrench Set ($10).
I did find it a minor inconvenience that disassembling for transport required removal of both the stirrup and quiver block in order to turn the riser bolt with a standard-sized Allen wrench.
Also included with the scope are batteries, an Allen wrench to lock and unlock the turrets, a small mil-dot range estimation chart, an operating manual and a lens cloth.
The Varmint Evolution comes with the only two tools required for barrel swapping--a large Torx L-wrench for the twin action screws and a small Allen wrench for the two barrel set-screws.
Standard features of the BFE 9-90 include one grinding arm for 1/4" or 1/2" belts, 10- 1/2" x 18" 120 grit zirconia alumina sanding belts, an allen wrench and a sheet steel carrying case.
The clamping arm can be adjusted with an Allen wrench (supplied), torque wrench, or air ratchet.
The operator locks the insert in place with the quick 90-degree twist of a key tool, much like an Allen wrench handle.
You may be forced to manually finish the cycle, either through forcing outputs through the control or using the old method of sticking an allen wrench into a solenoid to shift the spool.
The Allen Wrench was in the spotlight -- literally -- at the entrance to the IKEA pavilion at a design expo in Sweden last summer.
Caldwell says, as the manager runs up with a small Allen wrench and starts tooling with a gadget on one of her pedals.
Inside the CMT, a low-speed hand tool resembling a long Allen wrench, a beryllium-copper Bal Seal spring was used to provide electrical grounding and ensure smooth rotary motion.