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a wrench for Allen screws

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There are two short screws, seven hex head nuts, three long screws, and a flat washer as well as the Allen wrench. Also included are a locking pin, small roll pin, lock ring, castle nut, lock lever, a pistol grip mount with right and left index, and an adjustable buttstock with a telescoping tube.
Adjusting the trigger pull weight is a simple matter of turning the Allen wrench. Turning the wrench to the right increases pull weight, to the left decreases pull weight.
Caption: Collimating the main mirror requires removing a metal plate, then loosening three locking screws with an Allen wrench and turning the collimation screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver.
Included inside that case are a gun padlock, a cleaning rod with a built-in bore brush, two Allen wrenches, and two magazines.
Easton's kit contains D-loop pliers, bow square, two Allen wrench sets, serving thread, D-loop rope, nock pliers, a broadhead wrench, and several other must-haves.
It's frustrating to buy a product that requires assembly and then discover its instructions are written in gobbledygook: "Before aligning the trolley with the beveled end of the poiuyt, tighten the hex nuts (using a Van Allen wrench) on the header bracket to be snug but diagonally shimming the opposite edge." I'm terrible at picturing how things piece together so then I usually enlist the help of someone much more mechanically inclined--my wife.
You can't Ea every problem, but sometimes having a simple Allen wrench in your backpack can mean the difference between killing a buck that day or driving home.
No longer would I have to remeasure flour that I'd lost track of while talking, or remove 28 tiny screws with an Allen wrench after discovering that, during a long-distance gabfest, I had assembled an IKEA cabinet upside down.
Paul Rhodes, Supervisor of Customer Training, HD Supply, said some specialty lighting suppliers sell harp-shaped devices that can be mounted over CFLs with an Allen wrench. These covers protect and limit access to the bulbs, and Rhodes suggests that maintenance technicians could re-purpose these harps to fit over LEDs.
The tooling can be changed in less than 30sec with a quick turn of an Allen wrench. The MorrisKeyseater also does not require different size spindles for each internal diameter, and keys can be cut without cutting the full length of the part.
The halls and rooms were awash in Ikea-style stainless steel and cream-colored laminated hardboard, and Kurt noticed that if you had an Allen wrench you could conceivably take the entire hotel apart.
Allen wrench from the hack to remove the cylinder for rekeying.