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a screw with a hexagonal hole in the head

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The four smallest sizes (up to 2 AWG) come in 12-pole strips, and the five largest sizes (from 1 AWG) come in single blocks with the capability to form strips and optional Allen screws. The components are molded in UL 94 V-2-rated PA6 and are fitted with nickel-plated brass inserts with zinc-plated brass clamping screws.
After some rather non-telepathic debate, a flying Allen key and the sound of a slamming door, it was discovered that when the instructions had said, ``Join middle shelf supports with Allen screws 21'' they had actually meant, ``Join middle short shelf supports with Allen screws 21''.
Our handles were held on with small Allen screws located under the handle.
The buttplate can be moved up-and-down by loosening and tightening two Allen screws. That's pretty conventional, but the LOP (12" to 15.5") and comb height are both controlled by a single cam-lock that can be reversed for left-handed shooters--that's pretty innovative, plus both the LOP and comb feature molded-in graduations so the shooter can repeatedly lock-in previous adjustments based on shooting positions adopted.
And even Allen screws have antiquated flat-head ones.
It was easy to swap out the factory knob with the Custom XR simply by loosening three small Allen screws, removing the factory knob and installing the Custom XR.
At the rear of the slides of MOS pistols is a metal cover retained by two Allen screws. Removing the cover, you find the slide has been cut to allow the shooter to attach adapter plates directly on the slide itself.
On the ejection port side of the sight housing holes are tapped for two fairly heavy Allen screws. The bolt catch side of the housing has the holes countersunk to fit the heads of the Allen screws.
Move the sight laterally while sighting in until windage is adjusted, then lock it in place with the Allen screw. Once the open sight is adjusted, use fine Allen screws on the laser unit to get it aligned.
There are three small Allen screws that work as set screws to keep the zero-stop ring in place.
Two Allen screws secure the rear sight in its dovetail, allowing lateral movement.
If you have taken out the two small Allen screws (the trigger stop and trigger positioning screws) put them back in now.
Nicely checkered double-diamond rosewood grips attached with four stainless steel Allen screws complete the good-feeling and effective grip area.