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a screw with a hexagonal hole in the head

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One important aspect of note is that as a standard practice, I applied a small amount of nonpermanent thread locker to the scope ring Allen screws to prevent walking out.
We, however, lay drained and demoralised at its feet, with one remaining Allen screw boring a hole in our nerves.
Another custom feature is the use of Allen screws to fasten the grip frame to the mainframe.
In contrast, my compound has 13 Allen screws, a string and two cables, a peep sight, and a rubber tube to keep the peep lined up.
Tenders are invited for Supply and Guarantee of spares for Air handling unit Fan Impeller with clamps and Allen screws along Specification: MOC: G I Forward curved size 15 inch X 15 inch X 3 inch shaft dia.
So, instead of a "grip" this latest Crimson Trace unit actually fits around the front and bottom of the triggerguard using two halves which are snapped over the triggerguard and tightened with two tiny Allen screws.
Laserlyte does not stop there as the bottom of the Sub Compact V2 accepts a small Picatinny rail, which attaches to the bottom of the V2 by sliding the dovetails of the adapter onto the mating system of the V2 and attaching with two Allen screws.