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a wrench for Allen screws

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KEYHOLE SURGERY: Mark Tasker with his Allen key at Liverpool Royal Hospital and, left, Scott Butler's finger trapped in the hinge
What a calamity when the two chaps constructing the pub discover they don''t have the right allen key.
Images of Tony crouched on the floor with a set of instructions and an Allen key come to mind.
A single Allen key is the only tool needed for a typical clean-down between batches.
You can shred your fingers on an allen key attempting to tighten a reluctant screw.
Here's how to build your own - no allen key required
Tenders are invited for Set Of Allen Key Bolt With One Flat And One Spring Washer For Single Coupler Master Controller Consisting Of Four Item Accepted Make- Lps, Tvs, Unbrako 1 M5 X 12 Mm Long, Pitch 8.
We're all familiar with the kit, even if a significant number of us have been traumatised by them and have shaking fits every time we see a plastic bag of grommets and an Allen key.
The pair were photographed as they casually unlocked 15 devices with what appeared to be a simple allen key.
Police were called after the scrap yard owner heard a banging noise, and Shortman was found to be in possession of an allen key and an air filter, which he claimed he had been using to chase kittens out of a car.
But at least customers don't have to build their own cars with an Allen key.
I unwrapped several odd lengths of wood, a large bag of hexagonal screws, regular screws and an Allen key, and located the book of rules.
Especially when Quality Control missed the free Allen key that tightens the bolts to make sure the front wheel doesn't drop off.