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a wrench for Allen screws

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The tip of Allen key was seen at nasopharynx with diagnostic nasal endoscopy after the nasal decongestion.
It turned out that a quantity of copper piping had been taken from the property and the screwdrivers, torch and Allen key were recovered from the scene.
An extra twist of the allen key, an extra bang with a hammer and: "What do you think of that then?" "It wobbles a bit for a Town Hall." "It won''t when we squash it in between the library and the medical centre."
All the new stainless steel shoulder screws have a broached hexagonal head to accept an Allen key but slotted and crossed recessed heads are available in metric or imperial sizes with American class threads.
"I've talked to the Newspaper Association of America and our state press association and many others - and nobody has ever heard of this happening to any other paper," said Allen Key, vice president of operations for Times Community Newspapers.
Allen key We have produced a simple DIY guide to help you achieve the walk-in wardrobe using Spaceslide Premium and Deluxe sliding door ranges.
KEYHOLE SURGERY: Mark Tasker with his Allen key at Liverpool Royal Hospital and, left, Scott Butler's finger trapped in the hinge
It was put together with bits of dowling and screws of a fearsome length that were tightened with the inevitable allen key, most sadistic DIY device known to man.
Can you imagine his consternation were he to be left with half a dozen spare dowels and a suspect Allen key?
Using the provided allen key, adjustments can be made.
A single Allen key is the only tool needed for a typical clean-down between batches.
me He said: "They've bolted those signposts into the ground and they needed to get an allen key to remove it.
ALLEN KEY Curtis Allen (centre) takes plaudits for opener
One person is able to install and demount the system by using an Allen key, which allows maintenance staff to quickly gain access to the guarded area to carry out repairs.