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United States poet and critic (1899-1979)

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TIGHT BAND: San Fermin are made up of Ellis Ludwig-Leone, Allen Tate, Charlene Kaye, Rebekah Durham, John Brandon, Stephen Chen, Tyler McDiarmid and Mike Hanf
The Southern Renaissance was in some senses introduced by writers such as William Faulkner, Caroline Gordon, Elizabeth Madox Roberts, Katherine Anne Porter, and Tennessee Williams, but it became focused in Nashville and Vanderbilt University, where prominent academics or former students such Robert Penn Warren, Donald Davidson, Allen Tate and John Crowe Ransom were at work.
Though I did live for a couple of years in the same town with John Crowe Ransom, my first contact with one of the Vanderbilt literary giants had been with Allen Tate back in Nashville.
After his introduction, Genter gives almost equal attention to high, romantic, and late modernism throughout his eight chapters because he defines his late modernists, as individuals and as a group, against the ideas and arguments of high and romantic modernists, respectively Genter argues that an otherwise "varied" group of high modernists including literary and cultural critics like Theodor Adorno, Lionel'Trilling, and Allen Tate prized the autonomous work of art, formalism, and orthodox Freudian psychology, inter alia (13).
Along the way, first-generation figures like John Crowe Ransom and Allen Tate, as well as later adherents such as Cleanth Brooks and Flannery O'Connor, exerted a profound influence on American letters.
As the author himself admits, Allen Tate occupies an uncertain place in the history of American poetry.
Robert Byron and the collected poetry of Allen Tate.
His close readings of the way Homer or Mflton, Shakespeare or Allen Tate, Hugo or Eliot, for example, treat simflar metaphoric fields (such as "yielding in conflict" "the movement of falling" or "the light of the eyes") bring out striking differences in worldviews, thus restoring an important historic dimension and the case for genuine originality to the works he studies.
Since 2005, the school's RMI program has brought in more than $90,000 from local industry associations and individuals, including the Carolinas Chapter of RIMS, North Carolina Association of Insurance Agents, North Carolina Insurance Federation and Allen Tate Insurance.
Eliot, Dom Bede Griffiths, Nicholas Berdyaev, Thomas Merton, Allen Tate, and Russell Kirk.
He then traces Donne's influence from Eliot to "the Fugitives,"--John Crowe Ransom, Robert Penn Warren, Allen Tate, "and like-minded writers, who for a time worked closely with one another" (23).
Allen Tate once famously declared that writers of the so-called 'Southern Renaissance' (roughly the late 1920s through the early 1950s) had a 'double focus,' and that this act of looking both forward and back at the same moment lent a special depth to those writers' works.
Throughout his collection of poems From Whence Chitwood seems bent on disproving fellow Southern poet Allen Tate who once wrote "The typical southern conversation is not going anywhere.
Otra cosa es la divinidad que el conservador Allen Tate encuentra en Poe, el punto mas alto en la adulacion recibida por el bostoniano durante su fantastica posteridad.
Allen Tate remarked that as the South progressed into the modern age, it took a backward glance into the past.