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Hence, preoperative Doppler scanning may be considered in cases with palpable radial disease, those with widespread peripheral vascular disease, or cases with a positive Allen's test where one is under pressure to use as many arterial grafts as possible [14].
Conclusion: We conclude that the transulnar approach is a safe and efficacious alternative for diagnostic and therapeutic coronary intervention in presence of weakly palpable radial artery and a stronger palpable ulnar artery with positive reverse Allen's test.
YOU should undergo the Allen's test to be sure that the artery in your wrist is in perfect health for this procedure.
To assess radial artery for sampling, we should perform the modified Allen's test to ensure ulnar artery patency.
Allen's test was routinely checked before doctor's decision, and patients with failed Allen's test or weak radial pulse were assigned to the TFA group.