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(genetics) either of a pair (or series) of alternative forms of a gene that can occupy the same locus on a particular chromosome and that control the same character

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The study's senior author, Robert Levenson, said the results provide"a dollop of support for the idea that positive emotions are under the same tent as negative ones, when it comes to the short allele.
COLOR ALLELES As if all of this weren't complicated enough, there is more than one place (or locus) on a Lab's chromosomes where genes influence color.
Table 1: Primers sequences, restriction enzymes and the size of digested and undigested PCR products Locus Primers CD40 Forward: GAAACTCCTGCGCGGTGAAT (rs1883832) Reverse: CCTCTT CCCCGAAGTCTTCC IL-18 Forward: AGGTCAGTCTTTGCTATCATTCCAGG (rs1946519) Reverse: CTGCAACAGAAAGTAAGCTTGCGGAGAGG Locus Fragment sizes restriction (bp) enzymes CD40 CC: 133 + 74 + 85 Sty1 (rs1883832) CT = 133 + 74 + 85 + 207 TT: 207 + 85 IL-18 TT: 120 Mwo I (rs1946519) GT: 120 + 96 + 24 GG: 96 + 24 Table 2: The frequencies of IL-18 and CD40 genotypes and alleles in patients with acute rejection and non-acute rejection Gene Genotype Rejection Non Rejection P.
In addition, the use of a limited number of STR loci (kits usually enable the typing of 9-15 autosomal STR loci) can very occasionally result in failure to exclude a wrongly accused person who may, by chance, carry copies of all the alleles that the child inherited from its true parent.
The distribution of APOE alleles in the study mirrored that of the population at large, he said.
CSN1S2 F, O and D Alleles were detected by means of RFLP-PCR (restricted fragment length polymorphismPCR) according to Ramunno et al.
Genetic research has revealed that the HLA-DRB1 alleles code a conserved sequence, which is characterized by the RAA pattern at position 72-74 of the third hypervariable region of different HLA-DR chains.
Some of these studies, particularly the earlier ones, only have assessed a single allele of a candidate gene, whereas in other studies a set of alleles was chosen to provide information on most of the common variations in the gene.
Children, on average, share 50 percent of their alleles with their parents.
Furthermore, using numerical representations of alleles in addition to alphabetical letters can be less confusing and provide a better understanding of allelic effects for dyslexic students and slow learners.
A final blinded validation analysis was performed with 44 archived whole blood-derived clinical samples enriched for PM and FM alleles.
Inheriting the gene from both parents, each of us will have a genotype which can be long-long, short-short or a combination of the two alleles.
Before carbamazepine is prescribed, screening patients for the presence of the HLA-B*1502 and the HLA-A*3101 alleles will identify those most likely to develop potentially lethal hypersensitivity reactions, according to two separate reports.
001) variant alleles was significantly lower in Africans as against Indian healthy subjects.