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Words related to allegro

a brisk and lively tempo

a musical composition or musical passage to be performed quickly in a brisk lively manner

(of tempo) fast

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in a quick and lively tempo

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La cefalea se ha hecho aun mas presente con el "pun-pun-pun/ pun-pun-pun/ pun", tempo de3x4 sincopado, Allegrissimo Vivace, de un joropo pajarillo que sonaba cuando desperte.
2.05 Allegrissimo; 2.35 Cool Kitten (NAP); 3.05 Aspirational; 3.35 Bedarra Boy; 4.10 Bidable; 4.45 Brave Bugsy; 5.20 Orange Pip.
(I still can picture my sister playing her guitar as we were "forced" to sing an upbeat Spanish equivalent of "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" allegrissimo).
The tempo is marked "Allegrissimo," which, like the title, is Talma's own brand of rare playfulness with language and standard musical markings, often seen in her happier letters to Wilder and others (fig.