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a brisk and lively tempo

a musical composition or musical passage to be performed quickly in a brisk lively manner

(of tempo) fast

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in a quick and lively tempo

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Ten years ago, Allegra predicted the flat white would grow in popularity, and now it is a menu staple, with 21 percent of consumers preferring it.
Allegra is a full-service marketing communications provider offering marketing consultation, copywriting and graphic design services.
Alliance Franchise Brands LLC (parent company of Allegra Holdings LLC) is in marketing and visual communications, and has grown to become a holding company for nine franchise concepts, linking more than 650 locations in North America.
Our analysis is based on Allegra's unparalleled insight and knowledge of key industry stakeholders, including canvassed opinion from 300 industry leaders via interviews and surveys to create the most accurate snapshot of the Middle Eastern coffee shop market to date.
Allegra is known for her skill in trying cases, negotiating complex settlements and finding creative solutions.
Allegra's sister and best friend Isobel is a married mum of one and the pair's beating heart.
It's such a tough time for me anyway, given my history," says Allegra, 31.
The eponymous accused in this instance is a man who has pleaded guilty to murdering Allegra's sister six years ago in what appeared to be an open-and-shut case, currently serving a long prison term.
However, Michael Allegra, general manager of UTA, says UTA's service compares in all aspects to many other transit authorities across the country.
Allegra wants to dance and hopes being at a performing-arts high school will make her a better dancer.
* Sanofi has rolled out Allegra Anti-Itch Cooling Relief Cream and Allegra Anti-Itch Intensive Relief Cream in drug, grocery and mass merchandiser stores nationwide, taking the Chattem brand into new territory.
29 March 2013 -- Basketball All-Star Lisa Leslie and Chattem, Inc., the makers of Allegra, have created the "Allegra Outdoor Challenge," a series of fun and affordable workout tips to help inspire people to stay active outdoors during spring allergy season.
Allegra hopes that spending her senior year at a performing arts high school will change her life and make her a better dancer.
The blockbuster prescription-to-O- T-C switches Allegra and Allegra Dare driving much of the growth with tripledigit sales gains.
by Fiona Walker Quirky Allegra North a rural scandal when broke up with childhood sweetheart Francis Protheroe and fled into the arms of her boss, literary agent Conrad Knight.