Allegheny River

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a river that rises in Pennsylvania and flows north into New York and then back south through Pennsylvania again to join the Monongahela River at Pittsburgh which is the beginning of the Ohio River

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Another woman's body was washed into the Allegheny River, where she was found Saturday morning.
For last year's big translocation project, northern riffleshell mussels were collected from the Allegheny River by U.
The final 5 papers discuss issues of stocking and culture, with a report on paddlefish restoration to the Upper Ohio and Allegheny River systems and two papers on studies of Age-0 paddlefish survival, ecology, and habitat use.
The $190-million twin Allegheny River Bridges in Pennsylvania (to be completed in 2010) will replace a 55-year-old steel truss structure.
The open laboratory design includes ghost corridor circulation throughout the lab, which provides a common use sink zone and access to the equipment/ procedure alcoves that support the open workbenches, The extensive use of glass floods the laboratory spaces with natural light and allows users to enjoy views of the Pittsburgh skyline and the Allegheny River below.
Sluder was fishing in basically the same watershed, 20 miles to the south in Allegheny Reservoir, an impoundment of the Allegheny River.
The Two Mile Creek Interceptor is routed for several blocks beneath homes and swimming pools, so that portion will be rerouted to follow the Allegheny River Recreational Trail.
Russell - who began throwing eight years ago - broke the record on the Allegheny river in Pennsylvania.
He set his record in July across the Allegheny river in Pennsylvania, the stone bouncing for 250 feet.
The zingers scarcely zing; they're as predictable as the steady flow of the Allegheny River.
She sets off to Pittsburgh to journey from the Allegheny River, to the Ohio, to the great Mississippi to New Orleans--and folks, it doesn't look like she is stopping there.
of Waterloo-Canada) throughout his academic career, and here he presents a biography of the a Chief Warrior of the Seneca population residing on the Allegheny River.
Another difficulty for players is that the course saddles the Allegheny River Valley.
In an intricate matrix of buildings and public and private external spaces, the new River Park will provide 700 residential units, retail, restaurants, a hotel and a congress building, on an orthogonal plot close to the city's Allegheny River.
Carson grew up in Springdale, Pennsylvania, and spent her childhood playing alongside the Allegheny River.
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