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Ric Cotton, the host of WYPRAEs Your Maryland presents little-known histories from the Chesapeake to the Allegheny Mountains. He sheds new light on old stories with his delightful and concise tales set in the Maryland area (state motto fatti maschii parole femine, or, for the Italian-challenged, strong deeds, gentle words).
It's easy to get lost and disappear for ever in these Allegheny Mountains. Yeah, people at least visit the Appalachians further to the east, but here, in no man's land, it's a place for the lonely, the lost, the few and far between.
Johnstown's glory days are long since gone, but visitors to the national memorial can still hear its stories at the museum and visitor center; rangers offer van tours through the Allegheny Mountains to the ruined South Fork Dam.
Supported by a single column, the sheltering copper-clad roof of a west facing porch frames the panoramic view of the Allegheny Mountains beyond.
When the Civil War broke out, he recruited the Kane Rifle Regiment from among the rough frontiersmen of the Allegheny Mountains in Pennsylvania and led his soldiers in battle against the Confederacy with courage and distinction.
In the 18th century, it was a remote frontier stretching from Harpers Ferry at the north to the Cumberland Cap at the south and extending westward into the Allegheny Mountains and beyond.
Biological types are modified and diversified according to circumstances of topography, soil, climate; and our prairie country was noted from the first as the habitat of certain animals and plants not found at all in the region from the Allegheny Mountains eastward, nor yet in the South beyond the Ohio River.
Betula alleghaniensis, the preferred name for the species known as yellow birch, loosely translates to birch of the Allegheny Mountains. In older reference books, the tree might be Listed as Betulo lutea, now generally considered a synonym for the species.
Now, the resort, nestled in the Allegheny Mountains in White Sulphur Springs, W[V., has launched a program designed to ensure that its technological capabilities are on par with its charm and its heritage.
Respondents in the North-central (28%) and Allegheny (27%) regions purchased the highest proportions of black cherry followed by respondents in the Western (20%) and Southwestern (15%) regions, all of which are included in the Allegheny Plateau or Allegheny Mountains portion of the Central Appalachian Broadleaf Forest-Coniferous Forest Meadow Province (Table 3).
Publishing for more than 200 years, the Chillicothe Gazette is the oldest continually operated daily west of the Allegheny Mountains. The paper has not yet decided what it will do with its Goss Community press, Szabrak says.
Here Means (anthropology, Washington and Lee U.) focuses on these villages, describing their spatial layouts and the social organizations indicated by them, later prehistoric Monongahela tradition and the recently developed chronology of villages in the Allegheny Mountains, social organizations and communities, models of spatial and social organization, data sources and variables, analytical approaches, models from the Allegheny region, comparative analyses form modeling individual village components and implications drawn from interpreting community organization through village spatial layouts.
The first blast furnace west of the Allegheny Mountains opened in 1802 near Youngstown, and by 1880, 28 percent of Cleveland's workforce found employment in its steel mills.
From northwestern Maryland down through northern Georgia and the Alabama Foothills, the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains offer a vast amount of land (much of it public) for archers.
Collateral for the funding is a second mortgage lien on the subject property situated on 2,274 acres in the Southern Allegheny Mountains in South Central Pennsylvania.
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