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Ric Cotton, the host of WYPRAEs Your Maryland presents little-known histories from the Chesapeake to the Allegheny Mountains.
TREVOR PIERSOL FIRST LEARNED ABOUT the Allegheny Mountain School while he was living in China and teaching English.
Publishing for more than 200 years, the Chillicothe Gazette is the oldest continually operated daily west of the Allegheny Mountains.
focuses on these villages, describing their spatial layouts and the social organizations indicated by them, later prehistoric Monongahela tradition and the recently developed chronology of villages in the Allegheny Mountains, social organizations and communities, models of spatial and social organization, data sources and variables, analytical approaches, models from the Allegheny region, comparative analyses form modeling individual village components and implications drawn from interpreting community organization through village spatial layouts.
The first blast furnace west of the Allegheny Mountains opened in 1802 near Youngstown, and by 1880, 28 percent of Cleveland's workforce found employment in its steel mills.
But the cornucopia of hard mast wasn't enough, as I've learned from over 20 years of hunting the South's Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains.
Collateral for the funding is a second mortgage lien on the subject property situated on 2,274 acres in the Southern Allegheny Mountains in South Central Pennsylvania.
She grew up on a ridge nestled in the Allegheny mountains in Pennsylvania, where her father ran the family funeral home--hence the ironic title of her book, Fun Home.
THE INDIANA HISTORICAL Society (IHS) boasts of being the oldest state historical society west of the Allegheny Mountains.
The Chillicothe Gazette in Ohio, the oldest newspaper in continuous publication west of the Allegheny Mountains
The bend was opened in 1854 as a way to get trains around a ravine in the Allegheny Mountains.
It is about seventy years older than OSU and was the first college west of the Allegheny Mountains.
The disaster was sparked by the hasty development 10 years earlier of a resort and man-made lake in the Allegheny Mountains above Johnstown.
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