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Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy (AUCP) is a 501c3 and nationally affiliated organization that provides in-home Service Coordination/Case Management services.
So, let it ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire, and let it ring from the mighty Alleghenies of Pennsylvania.
The city's meatpacking mills attracted workers from as far away as Mexico, the East Coast's immigrant shores, and the struggling coal-laden towns of the Alleghenies.
Other questions, such as how he made it across the Alleghenies, why he never married, and how he discovered the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, have also remained matters of conjecture.
They can pursue their preferred prey from the Alleghenies to Arizona and the Ozarks to Oregon, not to mention the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico, the Cascades, and the forest fringes of western Canada.
Glotfelty was buried in the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies (Bridgeville, Pa.
Years ago there was an intersection named GAASS, located over the Alleghenies in Western Maryland.
September gleaned a cool wind from the Alleghenies.
He will be buried in the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies in Bridgeville, PA.
With successive strides of progress, it has crossed the Alleghenies, the Ohio, the Mississippi, and the Missouri .
Ferry Farm had been a backwater, Wakefield a pleasant country mansion; Belvoir and Mount Vernon were working factors in the web of empire that swung from Bengal to the Alleghenies, with London as its hub.
The year 1822 also witnessed the appearance of the Medical Newspaper; or, the Doctor and the Physician of Boston; the Vaccine Inquirer, from Baltimore; and the first medical journal published west of the Alleghenies.
Penelec SEF of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies Grant Program (FirstEnergy Territory)
As recently as 2006, one historian wrote that "everything west of the Alleghenies was bison" in early America.
In the Central Alleghenies, Methodists far outnumbered Baptists, and in some towns Presbyterians numerically bested them.
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