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Our partnership with The Community Foundation for the Alleghenies can seed local innovation by providing our entrepreneurs with the tools they need to launch and grow their companies in Pennsylvania.
The Google Maps feature provides users with a regional map of The Alleghenies that can be overlaid with their favourite activities, by colour-coded markers, including hiking, cycling, rails to trails, ATV/dirtbiking, motor touring, water activities, bird watching and winter activities.
The study, released by the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies, provides a comprehensive look at the economic benefits of alternative energy.
Ohio, with two of the first colleges west of the Alleghenies established within six years of its birth in 1803, has long valued higher education, providing direct support to its public universities for more than 130 years and welcoming dozens of private institutions with a rich variety of religious and secular missions.
Sunnis squat in caves in the Safed Koh; in every cave A little cage, and in every cage a sparrow from the Alleghenies.
The plane passed high above occasional cloud belts, crossing the Alleghenies at an altitude of about 7,000ft, but for most of the trip a landscape of forests and farms, villages and larger towns, rivers and lakes was observed.
But the fact remains that the loss of habitat in the Alleghenies, Catskills and Hudson Highlands goes almost unchecked as urban New Yorkers seek summer homes and more people recreate in state and county parks.
President Davis appointed him a full general and placed him in command of all Confederate troops west of the Alleghenies.
In Stornaway, she heard Gaelic psalms, and she gave a vivid account of this and much more in her autobiography, From the Alleghenies to the Outer Hebrides (1993).
The American political system was founded in Philadelphia, but the American nation was built on the vast farmlands that stretch from the Alleghenies to the Rockies," observes geopolitical analyst George Friedman.
Earlier in her career, Mayer was a staff attorney for Southern Alleghenies Legal Aid Inc.
The family crossed the Alleghenies and the Ohio River, "drawn by the promise that lay ahead," the speaker said.
The choo-choo ran out of traction and sat spinning its wheels on an uphill grade over the Alleghenies.
So many prelates have arrived, in fact, that one visitor suspected the angels had established an air link between the Aventine hills and the Alleghenies (see main story).
By the middle of the 18th century, these persistent Europeans had seen about everything there was to see west of the Alleghenies (eradicating most of the beaver in North America in the process).
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