Allegheny Mountains

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Nestled in the foothills of the Allegany Mountains in New York State, the village is far from any city.
Schermerhom) A Correct View of That Part of the United States Which Lies West of the Allegany Mountains, with Regard to Religion and Morals.
1815 (with Daniel Smith) Report of a Missionary Tour through That Part of the United States Which Lies West of the Allegany Mountains; Performed under the Direction of the Massachusetts Missionary Society, by Samuel J.
-- Tucked in the foothills of western New York's Allegany Mountains, Salamanca doesn't appear to have changed much in the last 100 years -- let alone the last 10 since the Seneca Indian Nation opened a major casino on the edge of town.
"From Buffalo to Brooklyn, from the Adirondack North Country to the Allegany Mountains, all the way to the tip of Long Island, their message is clear and we at Laidlaw Energy are excited and inspired that our leadership understands so well the value of New York's homegrown, renewable and environmentally friendly woody biomass energy resource from New York's forest and farm communities.