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small short-billed auk abundant in Arctic regions

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The birds of North America online [-] Dovekie (Alle alle).
The Dovekie (Alle alle) as a spring migrant in eastern Lancaster Sound and Western Baffin Bay.
Winter distribution and wrecks of Little Auks (Alle alle) in the northwest Atlantic.
In this study, we describe four records of colour aberrations in the most abundant alcid in the Palaearctic (Stempniewicz, 2001)--the dovekie (Alle alle).
The breeding population of little auk (Alle alle) in colonies in Hornsund and northwestern Spitsbergen.
Nous decrivons trois methodes jamais signalees auparavant auxquelles recourent les goelands bourgmestres (Larus hyperboreus) pour capturer les mergules nains (Alle alle) aux stades de la nidification et de l'envol.
Locally on Svalbard, the dovekie (Alle alle) is an important component of the glaucous gull diet (Stempniewicz, 1995).
On a observe des goelands bourgmestres (Larus hyperboreus) en train de voler des mergules nains (Alle alle) qui avaient ete places dans une taniere par des renards arctiques (Vulpes lagopus) a Magdalenefjorden, dans le nord-ouest de Spitsbergen.
Glaucous gull (Larus hyperboreus) and arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) are considered the most important predators on little auks (Alle alle), taking eggs, chicks, fledglings, and adult birds within their whole breeding range (Stempniewicz, 2001).