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a substitution of part of speech or gender or number or tense etc

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We've also got Teamse at boxes as discretionary merit awards for good allage performances that lose on points.
Serious concerns were voiced last night over the proposed allage academy, which would have sites in Ashington and Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, catering for 2,725 students and jointly sponsored by the Duke of Northumberland and the Church of England.
The Ashington Trust is an allage school of 3,000 pupils linking Wansbeck and Central First schools, Bothal and Hirst Park middle schools with Ashington High School Sports College.
For the second time in a month, county councillors refused to give planning permission to build the secondary element of Blyth's allage Bede Academy on the site of the town's former Ridley High School.
We've been delighted with the way he's handled himself since graduating from puppy to allage company, and, all being well, we'll keep running him until next month and then put him away for the big races in 2008.
Except for Finsceal Beo, every top middle-distance filly turns up and I like sticking with the older brigade in these allage races, so for me the one to be with is Nannina at 6-1 with the sponsors.
The popular Blyth South Beach First School will also close to become the primary element of a new allage academy that is slated to cost pounds 30.
However, now is the time the Middleham yard will push on, and an interesting angle to look out for is Johnston three-year-olds in allage handicaps.
Roger McGough still speaks volumes by relating the most ordinary of subjects to an allage group audience.
Lower Than Atlantis play an allages gig at The Academy this Sunday and tickets are [euro]15 from Ticketmaster.
Although Top Drawer Dads may appear to be a picturebook at first glance, it is actually an allages celebration of the positive side of fatherhood, emphasizing the joys, rewards, accomplishments and generational legacy of loving and dedicated fathers.
David's folks and a good number from nearby Calvin Presbyterian share together in an allages ESL program .
The clinic boastsanextensive rangeofeyewear to suit allages and pockets and for the fashion conscious your eyes can look as great as they feel when you choose from more than 30 designer brands, including Prada, Gucci, Ted Baker and Versace.
Their winning catches will also be scored against allages in all sections.