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the act of guiding or showing the way


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the act of steering a ship

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Audi says its dynamic all-wheel steering, in which the rear wheels can turn up to five degrees, makes the large coupe extremely responsive and stable.
Moreover, the units feature proprietary, ALL STEER electronic all-wheel steering systems for unsurpassed manoeuvrability.
All-wheel steering also makes the Toolcat 5610 ideal for turf and grass work.
Its use of all-wheel steering is a gamble, but the Active Drive set-up is without doubt fit for purpose.
The new products are built with patented technologies including state-of-the art electronic controls, all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering and ride height active suspension controls.
Hydrostatic, four-wheel drive and all-wheel steering make the BL-570 backhoe loader easy to maneuver and provide a tight turning radius.