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the act of guiding or showing the way


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the act of steering a ship

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Dynamic all-wheel steering can provide increased handling and stability.
A more forward front axle position improves weight distribution in the new Flying Spur, enabling improved dynamic precision, handling and balance when coupled with active All-Wheel Drive, All-Wheel Steering and Bentley Dynamic Ride.
Options include a complete digital display featuring a 15in touchscreen, all-wheel steering and ultra-bright LED matrix headlamps to go with a night vision system.
There is Renault's 4Control all-wheel steering system, offering additional stability on challenging roads, and for extra variety there are four different driving modes.
"The GMK5130-2 and GMK5220 have a higher lifting capacity compared to other machines in this class and they provide greater mobility thanks to their all-wheel steering.
Like the original RLX--which Aoki and his colleagues refer to as "RLX P-AWS" with the modifying acronym signifying "precision all-wheel steering"--the RLX Sport Hybrid has a 3.5-liter, all aluminum V6 under its hood that produces 310 hp @ 6,500 rpm.
The patented all-wheel steering makes the machine very agile with excellent manoeuvrability in congested areas.
Multi-directional reach trucks for stacking and retrieval at high lift heights--or for transporting long loads up to 26.2 feet in narrow aisles--include electric all-wheel steering. The ETV Q series offers five travel programs, from modified standard travel to rotational travel and all-wheel parallel travel.
Moreover, the units feature proprietary, ALL STEER electronic all-wheel steering systems for unsurpassed manoeuvrability.
All-wheel steering also makes the Toolcat 5610 ideal for turf and grass work.
Hydrostatic, four-wheel drive and all-wheel steering make the BL-570 backhoe loader easy to maneuver and provide a tight turning radius.
The contractor designed and prototyped the all-wheel steering mechanism design and assembly, and passed on the computer-aided design drawings and analyses to Murray's engineers, who readied the design for production.
Additional modes include all-wheel steering for a tighter turning radius and front-wheel mode to travel at the 18 mph road speed.
The machine has all-wheel steering and four-wheel drive, allowing it to be used in snow and mud.
Twin turbocharging, all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering, electronically controlled suspension, and automatically adjustable front and rear spoilers present technological overkill that appeals to a cadre of gizmo fanatics.