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Vesenskii of the All-Union Council for the Affairs of Foreign Students, "Report on Control in Kherson," 1966.
dagger]) ([dagger]) ([dagger]) ([dagger]) ([dagger]) For the first time, the leadership discussed this affair shortly after the 19th All-Union Conference of the CPSU (cf.
Everything changed, however, in the autumn of 1930, following the Sixteenth Congress of the All-Union Communist Party (VKP[b]).
Krupskaya All-Union House of Folk Art in Moscow, and shared by local institutions of Soviet Republics (51)--in the forges of methodological guidelines and mandatory repertoire.
The first salt room equipped with salt aerosol generator was built in 1990 in the All-Union Institute of Pulmonology in St.
In June 1986 the All-Union Distributed Registry of Persons Exposed to Radiation Following the Accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (AUDR) was created.
Proceedings of the 3rd All-Union Symposium of Solid Fuels Combustion.
The New York Plan required any member of the Building Trades Employers' Association -- which represents the majority of the city's construction managers and contractors -- to use completely "closed shops," with all-union labor.
THE UNION of secondary school teachers (OELMEK) may be joining an all-union work stoppage by the broader public sector today, but many educators are opposed to the action.
AVID Cameron probably had the bulk of British Dpublic opinion on his side when he thwarted the ambitions of Europe's political leaders with his veto of an all-union pact to save the euro in the early hours of yesterday.
Zhuk 's richly textured account reveals not only the increasing Westernization and Russification of Dniepropetrovsk's youth culture but also the near constant tensions between center and periphery -- between local, republic, and all-Union factions -- over the goings-on in the city.
Under the auspices of the movement, Sambo clubs from all over the Soviet Union competed for prizes awarded by the Central Committee of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League, the newspaper Pionerskaya Pravda, and the National Olympic Committee.
In the late '30s, established socialist-realist painters also began to work in brigades for the execution of large-scale special projects, such as the Soviet Pavilion at the 1939 New York World's Fair and the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition of 1939-41; by the late '40s and early '50s, the practice had become commonplace even for the production of single, albeit vast, canvases.
The All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) enjoyed a certain degree of autonomy in educating a new generation of film workers but was notably unsuccessful in finding jobs in the industry for its graduates.
the application of the all-Union experimental planning and awarding system at TK, 1983, bonuses of sales staff, cashiers and store managers no longer depend on the fulfilment of the commodity circulation plan of a structural unit, but on their work quality instead .
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