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(11) The 1957 reform abolished 10 all-union and 15 union-republic ministries (i.e., all ministries at the SSR level) and, in their stead, created 105 "economic-administrative regions," each to be directed by one of the separate territorially based sovnarkhozy.
After the 1933 all-union championship, though, the Chess Section placed increasing emphasis on master-level play.
(66) From 1924 to 1938, all-union decrees on citizenship incorporated the principles of both jus soli and jus sanguinis, although each rule largely governed different circumstances.
The author has ranged widely in published and archival sources (the records of VOKS, the All-Union Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries; Intourist; and the Soviet Commercial Fleet, Sovtorgflot, which carried passengers to and within the USSR).
Mourning has been declared in the city, home to the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics, from 13:00 Moscow time on Sunday until the end of Monday.
The cantata made its way to United States thanks to the promotional efforts of the Soviet All-Union Society for Cultural Ties Abroad (Vsesoiuznoe obshchestvo kul'turnoi svaiazi s zagranitsei, commonly referred to as VOKS), where it was premiered to great praise under the baton of Leopold Stokowski.
Soviet heroism could also be Kyrgyz heroism; in their memories, these actors see themselves as tacking between family, national, and all-union values; they seem fluent in what Igmen called, in his last book, "speaking Soviet with an accent." (4) His subjects, along with Edgar's, echo those interviewed by Raleigh and others who have allowed us to revise our view of the late Soviet Union.
Public services are engaged in the work on adjusting road infrastructure in accordance with all-Union State Standard.
In April 1944,the theater presented "Othello" tragedy at the All-Union Shakespeare Festival dedicated to the 380th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare.
Caption: First All-Union Display holography exhibition of the USSR (the exhibition hall of the Academy of Science of the BSSR, Minsk, 1978).
For the choreography of his miniatures he repeatedly received first prize and the title of Laureate at the All-Union and International competitions and festivals.
composer Alan Bush's 13 trips to the Soviet Union and VOKS (All-Union Society for Cultural Contact with Foreign Countries), music chairman Grigory Shneyerson's trips to the United States.
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