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card games in which points are won for taking the high or low or jack or game

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The team found the one-year-old dinosaurs had long arms, short legs and walked on all-fours soon after birth.
The woman is placed in the Gaskin's all-fours position, but delivery cannot be accomplished.
The trope of becoming-dog, manifesting itself through the all-fours pose and the protagonist's snarling, barking vocalizations, emerges immediately as the mark of perversity in Seitler's reading.
But I've seen no hordes of beer-bellied louts chanting "Whey-ales", no drunkards crawling on all-fours towards the exits.
The Supreme Court agreed with the judgment of the trial court, which wrote that: neither of these conversations reflect an exact "on all-fours" description of conservatee's present medical condition.
For example, the quadruped exercise (Table 1), performed from an all-fours position with the arms and legs extending reciprocally, is used to recruit the trunk and hip extensors.
Limb proportions show that Aardonyx was a biped, although its forearm bones interlock - like those of quadrupedal sauropods - suggesting that it could occasionally walk on all-fours, Bonnan explained.
An underestimated technique for the management of shoulder dystocia: the all-fours manoeuvre.
The next thing I know she is coming through the bedroom doorway on all-fours.
With an almighty yelp, Hulk would burst through some stunt shackles, bound down towards the pitch on all-fours, and - in some primal blend of Portuguese and wolf language - demand vengeance from his team's quaking opponents.
Moving on two legs was thought to have evolved slowly from the all-fours "knuckle-walking" displayed by chimpanzees and gorillas today.
That's right, canine couture is the latest in-thing on all-fours, with everyone from Paris Hilton and Gwen Stefani dressing up their pampered pups in the latest designer dog wear.
I have tried holding him in an all-fours position, but he just pushes his legs out behind him.
The most damning evidence confirming Kurtz's spiritual degeneration, however, comes when Marlow finds Kurtz "crawling on all-fours" (81).
The mechanism of this on-the-side maneuver may be similar to the "all-fours" Gaskin maneuver for shoulder dystocia, which was imported from Guatemala by midwife Ina May Gaskin.