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card games in which points are won for taking the high or low or jack or game

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Move into an all-fours position, walk the hands forward until a 'ski slope' position is achieved along the spine.
There was the super It's A Small World number, featuring some gorgeously costumed international stereotypes, and I adored the fabulous wart hog skating on all-fours.
But I've seen no hordes of beer-bellied louts chanting "Whey-ales", no drunkards crawling on all-fours towards the exits.
For example, the quadruped exercise (Table 1), performed from an all-fours position with the arms and legs extending reciprocally, is used to recruit the trunk and hip extensors.
Limb proportions show that Aardonyx was a biped, although its forearm bones interlock - like those of quadrupedal sauropods - suggesting that it could occasionally walk on all-fours, Bonnan explained.
An underestimated technique for the management of shoulder dystocia: the all-fours manoeuvre.
The next thing I know she is coming through the bedroom doorway on all-fours.
With an almighty yelp, Hulk would burst through some stunt shackles, bound down towards the pitch on all-fours, and - in some primal blend of Portuguese and wolf language - demand vengeance from his team's quaking opponents.
Moving on two legs was thought to have evolved slowly from the all-fours "knuckle-walking" displayed by chimpanzees and gorillas today.
That's right, canine couture is the latest in-thing on all-fours, with everyone from Paris Hilton and Gwen Stefani dressing up their pampered pups in the latest designer dog wear.
I have tried holding him in an all-fours position, but he just pushes his legs out behind him.
They don't want you to mumble 'oh yes' and hide behind the newspaper, they want you to crawl on all-fours on the floor and play with them.
But the Salford man then connected with a shuddering left clean on the button, leaving Jones on all-fours.
So I was going instantly from being a girl-friend to being an animal on all-fours.
POSITION THREE PRACTISE your deep breathing and slowly release yourself until you reach the all-fours position you started with(See Position Four).