All Souls' Day

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a day of supplication for all the souls in purgatory

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After the heavy drama of 'The Maid in London,' Eigenmann shifts to a more sinister atmosphere with 'All Souls Night,' which will open in cinemas today, Oct.
'All Souls Night' was directed by Aloy Adlawan and Jules Katanyag under Viva Films.
"All Souls Night" which is produced by ImaginePerSecond and presented by VIVA Films and ALIUD Entertainment, opens in cinemas nationwide on Oct.
The 'All Souls Night' actress, 28, who has embraced the surfer's life, posted a picture of herself in a lavender bikini while standing in a pool.
I'm with someone who supports me,' she told reporters at a recent press conference for the horror flick 'All Souls Night,' which opens in cinemas on Oct.
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