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the evening before All Saints' Day

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In the UK in the 16th century, during the Reformation, some Protestants said that honouring the dead during All Hallows Eve was wrong and that souls could not journey from purgatory to heaven, therefore any ghosts must be evil and threatening.
Around 1,100 years ago November 1 became All Hallows (Saints) Day and so October 31 became All Hallows Eve from which derives the word 'Hallowe'en'.
28, downtown Nashua will become the haunting backdrop for the fourth annual Great American Ghost Town, with area merchants and community leaders opening their doors to costumed children and their families, offering tricks, treats and activities in celebration of All Hallows Eve.
Today, casting the memory back to All Hallows Eve 2003, it seems more incredible than ever that the only players with serious popular appeal, Ken Clarke and Michael Portillo, were never given a run.
On All Hallows Eve 1903, Queen's Park met Celtic in the first football match at Hampden Park.
The Texas Renaissance Festival broke three weekend attendance records including All Hallows Eve, Barbarian Invasion and Highland Fling, as well as attendance records for the 8th Annual School Days, presented by the CW39.
On Friday October 30 | Archaeology Cymru hosts "The horror of All Hallows Eve at Monknash".
It is celebrating All Hallows Eve with a pumpkin carving workshop where you'll be able to help your little monsters create a monstrous masterpiece ready to take trick-or-treating.
The term Halloween originates from All Hallows Eve, a pagan holiday honouring the dead
said onion now getting a little cross, I think on All hallows eve it is the human's loss.
Children who celebrate All Hallows Eve risk falling beneath the influence of "mystics" with potentially "devastating consequences for the spiritual and moral health of students", the ministry continues.
On Tuesday, October 29, the band will ring in All Hallows Eve a bit early, appearing on the new comedy/reality show Mother of All Talent, airing at 8:00 p.
Halloween (also referred to as All Hallows Eve or Hallowe'en ) is the night, or evening before All Hallows' Day which is a Christian feast day now referred to as All Saints Day.
All Hallows Eve or 'Hallowe'en' was the day before the celebration.
But there's also something immensely comforting about listening to him read, a sort of inherent trustworthiness in his presence that allows the listener to sink into his tales of Catholics and car thieves, of his daughter charming the hard-knock cases at AA meetings, and of a Latin teacher more frightening than anything lurking on All Hallows Eve.