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the evening before All Saints' Day

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Some scholars think All Hallows' Eve absorbed elements from the ancient Celtic new year, Samhain ("summer's end"), when the veil between the material and immaterial worlds thinned and spirits walked abroad--notions that later evolved into the folk festival of Hallowe'en.
Whether it's for an All Hallows' Eve bash or trotting along with your excited youngsters the goal is to be prepared for this ghoulish event.
The array of haunted goodies that we prepare is a fun part of the planning, and this year we might be pulling a few ideas from Patty Roper's Easy Does It to create our menu, Her treats are sure to thrill any ghost or goblin this All Hallows' Eve. And if you are looking for something slightly scary to do this fall, take a trek down the Devil's Punchbowl in Natchez.
He says: "The real tradition of All Hallows' Eve is that before the day of holiness, there is a crack in the fabric of the cosmos, which allows evil spirits from the underworld to assault us: At that point in time, we are vulnerable, as traditionally we are vulnerable at the moment of death and need the name of Jesus to be spoken to us loudly because hearing is the last faculty to go and the devil needs to be outshouted in the name and power of Jesus.
Barton was having a gala time in New York on All Hallows' Eve when a man splashed her with his drink claiming that she had trodden on his foot.
Now, a vampire--a vicious, murdering vampire, not one of the more laid-back, five-to-nine working stiffs--has targeted Mallory's partner's nephew, and Mallory has to find and stop the fiend before All Hallows' Eve comes to a close!
It comes from the Gaelic word Samhain, a festival celebrated by many pagans as the start of the old Celtic new year and later adopted by Christians as All Hallows' Eve.
31 is All Hallows' Eve, otherwise known as Halloween.
ALL of the relatively few scholars who have written about Charles Williams's last novel, All Hallows' Eve, seem to agree that it is rich with theological significance and portrays its characters as participants in a spiritual quest that leads to their redemption or damnation.
19 IT wouldn't be All Hallows' Eve without a pumpkin, but if those scary Jack o' Lanterns give you the shivers why not enjoy the vegetable in the New Covent Garden Food Company's limited edition Pumpkin & Coriander Halloween Soup.
The night before All Saints Day is, of course, Halloween, a name that comes from All Hallows' Eve, though its rituals are rooted in a pagan festival centered on death and the coming of evil spirits.
Under artistic director Jim Lasko, Redmoon's annual large-scale outdoor ceremonies like the Winter Pageant or October's All Hallows' Eve Celebration blend elements of carnival, installation and street fair, drawing thousands of participants.
ALL HALLOWS' EVE has turned into quite the family affair for frightmeister Clive Barker.
If only she can win the prize for the scariest costume, then her All Hallows' Eve will be perfect!
After a potluck dinner, the campers roast s'mores and tell ghost stories around the fire--completing an All Hallows' Eve in the California desert.