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a colorless flammable gas used chiefly in welding and in organic synthesis

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Among the topics are the copper-catalyzed formation of carbon-phosphorous bonds with aryl halides, insights into the mechanism of modern Ullmann-Goldberg coupling reactions, copper-catalyzed alkynylation and alkenylation reactions of alkynyl derivatives, applying copper-mediated carbon-nitrogen bond formation in complex molecule synthesis, and reusable catalysts for copper-mediated cross-coupling reactions under heterogeneous conditions.
The controlled decoration of surfaces and design of bio-interfaces are exemplified by the preparation of SAMs containing azido groups on well-defined electrode surfaces for reaction with alkynyl substrates, and immobilization of surface arrays of acetylene-containing oligonucleotides on to azide functionalized SAMs on gold.
10] non-terminal alkynyl groups, ethers, tert-amines, oxazolines, thiazolines, phosphines, sulfides, silyls and mixtures thereof; where [R.
Most methods employ a stoichiometric amount of organometallic reagents (such as organolithium or organomagnesium) for forming alkynylmetal reagent from alkynes or alkynyl halides in anhydrous organic solvent.
Keywords: Batrachotoxin, radical mediated reaction, nBu3SnH, AIBN, alkynyl stannanes.